Modern Ways to Showcase Your Macramé Skills

Macramé is an ancient looming technique that dates back to the 13th Century when Arab weavers started to produce shawls, veils, and even decorative pieces. In the ‘70 and ‘80s, the western fascination with macramé was at its zenith. You can hardly find a home where there is no plant hanger, tapestry, or wall hanging fashioned out of yarn. 

However, macramé is making a comeback. Perhaps, it was never really gone in the first place. Unlike with other decorative pieces, it is a lifestyle choice where the homeowner can directly participate. In fact, on YouTube, and you will find plenty of DIY videos that teach you how to weave macramé. Once you get the basics down pat, you can move on to more complicated pieces to decorate your home. 

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Here are some ways you can use macramé for your home:

  1. Hang stuff: In the 70s, macramé was used as plant hangers. But today’s products are not restricted to hold greens. For instance, it can hold a jar with your knick-knacks, art materials, pens, and other small items. To add harmony to your home, you can hang your scented candles in a glass. You can also hang jars as decorative pieces or a bowl filled with fruits and vegetables.
  1. As a door screen: If you have a glass door, instead of the typical blinds, you can use macramé to block sunlight from filtering in. The advantage is that your space will remain open, airy, and light. Plus, it adds dimension and uniqueness to any space because people do not expect it. In the same vein, it can also be used as a room divider or a door curtain.
  1. Outdoor decor: You can still use them to hang plants or lamps but bring them out to the porch where they will become an excellent conversation starter. But you can also buy different patterns and shapes that you can display outside. However, make sure that you do not expose them to the elements. You hang the macramé in a covered space to prevent it from becoming brittle because of exposure to the sun and rain.
  1. Grocery bag: Instead of the typical grocery bag, you can use macramé to hold your produce and other items the next time you visit the shopping centre. The best part is that you can reuse the item and do your part for the environment.  
  1. Hang your mirror: Using macramé to hang your mirror is the perfect illustration of functionality and style. 

The macramé is different from the traditional weave because of the method used. Arab weaves used knotting instead of weaving to produce intricate products and patterns. Typically, the finished product would feature fringes at the bottom. Modern artisans have built upon the foundations to upgrade the ancient technique and bring it back to relevance. 

A large credit of the revival of macramé should go to artisans who continue to hone their craft to create not just aesthetic decorative pieces but highly functional items. From tapestries or wall decorations, which you can order from The Macramé Man, the potential of the product has been fully maximised.