Nicotine Is No More Harmful Than Coffee

The Office of Public Health of the United Kingdom (RSPH) said that nicotine is no more harmful to health than caffeine, motivating smokers of similar cigarettes to switch to healthier alternatives, such as electronic cigarettes—which you can check here for vape pens for sale.

Surprisingly, this organization found that 9 out of 10 people still believe that nicotine itself is harmful. RSPH says that this chemical is no worse than the caffeine in your cup of coffee.

Nicotine Is Addictive But Not Harmful On Its Own

Nicotine is harmful in analogue cigarettes because it is combined with other dangerous ingredients such as tar, arsenic and carbon monoxide. In this case, the dangerous thing about nicotine is that it generates addiction to traditional cigarettes that contain carcinogenic substances.

In Spain, 21% of the population continues to be a smoker, causing around 52,000 deaths a year and 17% of smokers have tried to quit tobacco at least 4 times.

In North America every year almost half a million people who smoke traditional cigarettes die, and the Centers for Control and Prevention label death caused by smoking, the leading cause of avoidable death.

In 2015, RSPH made several recommendations to promote less harmful nicotine replacement therapies. His recommendations included the use of electronic cigarettes (like worldvaping vgod) to quit smoking and, as a mandate, the inclusion for the sale of nicotinic replacement therapies in tobacconists and stores that sell traditional cigarettes.

Shirley Cramer, Chief Executive of the RSPH in the United Kingdom, said that convincing people to consume nicotine instead of smoking tobacco would make a big difference to public health. “The problems in terms of having nicotine-addicted smokers are evident from all the diseases caused by smoking. But having addicts to nicotine and not tobacco would lead us from a serious and costly problem for public health, to a milder one.”

Nicotine And Caffeine Addiction

New research goes further and addresses the qualities of nicotine and caffeine. In a new study, Karl Fagerström addresses the issue of nicotine addiction and the reduction of tobacco damage, comparing the degree of dependence between cigarettes, snus (smoking tobacco for pipe smoking), nicotine replacement therapies and coffee.

Using empirical evidence from a survey of users of these products, the researcher compared substance dependence by observing how many people used these products 30 minutes after waking up, and asking how difficult it would be for them to give up their habit.

The results were diverse and interesting. Users of snuff and snus responded that they used them within 30 minutes of being awake. 35% of smokers and 33% of snus users said it would be very hard for them to quit. For coffee drinkers, this figure was less than 18%.

Overall, Fagerström concluded that users of traditional cigarettes and snus were the most dependent, while users of nicotine and coffee replacement therapies were less dependent. The research originally included users of electronic cigarettes, but the sample was too small to draw meaningful conclusions. However, you can check this smok store for best vape pen brands.

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