Premium Quality Davidoff Cigars

DavidOff Cigars are held to a very high standard. This brand has cigars to suit the needs of every consumer. The “Premium” and “Flavored” cigar collections both seem to be doing very well and the great thing about them is that they are handmade. The overall quality speaks for itself. DavidOff Cigars has a “Bundled” selection as well, every cigar in this section seems to be discounted.

The creation of such timeless cigars is treated as a form of art. Each cigar is made with the original creation philosophy in mind. There are two cycles of aging and fermentation that occur during production. These are separated by urgency and supplication.

Tobacco leaves are selected and blended intending to have the ultimate luxurious blends. The same exact blends are then tested by expert tasters in Switzerland where Davidoff headquarters are stationed. Once these blends pass inspection and are given approval they are then placed in the hands of cigar-rolling craftsmen also referred to as torcedores.

This portion of the process is completed in Paris. The amount of tobacco for each cigar is determined by touch alone. This is how to select the proper amount of tobacco that allows for a smooth pull and draw providing an elegant taste.

The next portion is the rolling of the cigars. While the bundle is being prepared to be rolled, the aromatic leaves are then placed at the lit end of the cigar for the smoothest, balanced taste. The preceding inspection is where the cigars are measured and weighed to ensure that the toredores have complied and met all expectations to create the perfect cigar.

DavidOff Cigars have a very diverse background which makes the entire company truly unique, as well as their story. When the company became Davidoff’s it was the third ownership change in the course of 50 years. The company had grown extensively and raised its standards and sales along the way.

The roots are from Cuba, Honduras, Florida, and Nicaragua. Although the company is diverse with their boldly flavored products, they continue to incorporate and maintain its natural connection with their roots as well. With the most recent ownership sale, the company has to expand worldwide. Stores have started to sprout in major areas such as Hong Kong, New York City, Atlanta, Tokyo, Houston, and Las Vegas.

There are many components to be attentive when shopping and selecting cigar brands and flavors. Although Davidoff has a great line of cigars that practically speak for itself, there are still many selections to choose from. There are ways to find the perfect cigar for each individual. The package description is usually a great way to feel around and focus on the type of cigar that will fit the consumer’s needs. The aroma and flavor are easy components to pay attention to in order to narrow down the results.

There are many online resources that provide start-to-finish, step-to-step guides on selecting cigars as well as how to light. The information helps the consumer find their comfort zone faster rather than wasting money on multiple cigars to find the perfect match. At least, the act of actually going through the process of meaningful selection will help the consumer select from cigars that actually fit the criteria.

Being social with other cigar smokers is also a way to find the tribe. There are often meet and greets or cigar clubs of people that smoke together and talk about the important, finer things in life that they all resonate with. There are also online forums to have discussions with as well. Davidoff is a brand that people nationwide resonate with. The truth is in the puddin’.