Questions to Ask When Planning a Fitout

The fitout of your office, retail shop or cafe gives customers and prospective clients alike an insight into how seriously you take your business. Ideally, the fitout of your space should naturally draw people in whilst reflecting the standard of service on offer and any unique qualities you as a business owner possess. A good fitout will tell the public everything they need to know about your business without you having to say a word.

Unfortunately, fitouts in Melbourne are sometimes poorly planned, mismanaged and not completed to the requested specifications. Whether you’ve got your heart set on a retail space and thinking about opening up a shop or you’re a seasoned business owner who would like to update their space, getting your fitout right the first time is crucial. Here are some questions to ask so you can nail the look and feel of your fitout effortlessly. 

What Message Are You as a Business Owner Trying to Communicate?

Whether you’re trying to create a cosy, aesthetic space where a sense of calm sweeps over patrons as soon as they walk in the door or you want a loud and colourful space that gets customers excited, it’s important to know and articulate exactly what kind of message your business is trying to communicate to the public. 

This is where meticulous planning is an absolute necessity. With so many moving pieces and a high margin for error, you’ll need to make sure you plan your fitout down to the smallest details. It’s a good idea to hire an interior fitout company that specialises in commercial fitouts in Melbourne. They’ll be able to help you articulate your ideas in the planning phase and take you all the way through to the execution of your fitout with minimal stress. 

What is Your Budget?

While a seemingly obvious question to ask, it’s critical that you know exactly how big or small your budget is for undertaking this project. While it can be heartbreaking when certain fixtures, patterns and designs you might have had your heart set on are out of your current price range, the upside is that this will force you to get creative with how you execute your fitout. This will invariably lead to you considering more affordable options you might not have thought of before that could actually add a unique and unexpected charm to your fitout. With the plethora of companies constructing commercial fitouts in Melbourne, there’s a specialist out there who can help you accomplish your vision at a budget that won’t break the bank. 

What is Your Timeframe?

The scale and overall complexity of your fitout will directly affect the time it takes to complete the project. Your timeframe for the project will ideally be realistic and flexible in case you or your contractor runs into any unexpected problems. If you’re in a rush, a quicker turnaround time on a fitout is possible, but you can expect this to have an impact on the costs of the project. For these reasons, it’s highly recommended that you hire an interior fitout company that specialises in fitouts in Melbourne.