Reasons Why a Wool Duvet Is Better Than Other Beddings

Humankind has known the advantages and rewards of wool for hundreds of years. We seem to have thought about it in the last several generations; maybe it’s time to take another look. After all, wool is a natural fibre. It is the most breathable fabric in the world and can consume 30% of its weight in moisture until it converts its humidity and heat. If you want to get, amazing discounts use the Halcyon Dreams Promo code or Interiors Online au Coupon Code.

Why is wool different from polyester, feathers, or down?

They are all insulators, they keep the body warm, and they don’t radiate heat. On the other hand, wool is not an insulator but a regulator instead. When it’s too warm, the fibre transfers the heat mostly in the form of moisture from the body, and when it’s cold, it holds the heat inside. The incredible thing about wool is that it effectively controls the temperatures of two separate individuals in the same bed.


Wool duvets are naturally hypoallergenic. It resists mould development and prevents dust mites that cause most allergic reactions. Synthetic duvet and feather duvet preserve the body’s moisture, and you sweat onto a duvet that attracts moulds and dust mites. That also means that they require daily cleaning. They may be host to more than 30,000 dust mites and their fall, and a wool duvet is best whether you have asthma or allergies.


Woollen beddings are breathable. It extracts moisture from the skin, enabling you to sleep more peacefully.

A Fire Resistant

Wool is inherently fireproof, and you don’t have to use chemical retardants.


The wool is 100% sustainable. A sheep usually develops a fleece every year to keep it warm in the winter. In Wales alone, there are over 4 million sheep.


Technically, if you place a wool duvet in your compost, it would break down into organic matter very naturally. Not that you’re going to try to do so.


No additives are present in the wool, or the quality. Do you know that to render the yarn completely machine washable and able to withstand a tumble dryer, in every fibre, chlorine is added, which might diminish its natural properties? But many companies do not do this process. Buy online woollen duvets and win a chance to unlock great discount deals.