Selecting Material for Paver Blocks 

Beautiful drivewayplays a vital role in complimenting to the beauty of external surroundings of the house. So it becomes important to select the paver tiles’ material properly which should be not only sturdy but also can make your house look more attractive. Driveway is that part of the house from where your house starts and reflects your choice and taste. The material of the paver blocks should be sturdy enough to stand the wear and tear of the weatherand moving vehicles. The toughness and durability will depend a lot on the material you select. In order to find quality Pavers in Melbourne, you can visit Stone Hub where you will get good variety of paver blocks. Following are the few materials that you can select from for the outer surroundings of your house:

  1. Granite Blocks: Granite tiles, though expensive, will give a rich look to the driveway of your house. They can be the best choice If you can afford them they can prove the best choice. Flamed granite tiles are better as their texture is rough and they can prove best for all types of vehicular movements. Since granite is a hard rock, it has longer life compared to other materials and needs very less maintenance.
  2. Concrete Paver Blocks: Concrete is the first choice for the pavers blocks. They also require very low maintenance and give your driveway a clean look. There is a wide range of colors and designs of concrete paver blocks to select. The drainage quotient of these blocks is the best as rain water runs out easily through the joints. These blocks are easy to walk on and provide excellent grip to wheels also. 
  3. Sandstone Blocks: Natural sandstone blocks have hard-wearingpotential and offer a nice natural look to the driveways. They are the best choice if you prefer heavy vehicles and also can with stand the wear and tear of all types of weather conditions. The best feature of sandstone is that they offer more beautiful with passing time.
  4. Interlocking Paver Blocks: These sturdy paver blocks are easy to lay for their interlocking system. If you have to put underground cables or pipes, they prove best due to their easy-to-remove and reinstall quality. Interlocking-paver-blocks also come in recycled rubber. They are environment friendly, are gentle to the feet and also let water seep through the ground easily.  
  5. Brick paver blocks: If you want to go for eco-friendly driveway, you can go for brick-paver-blocks. They are made from clay and baked in kilns so less harmful for the environment. They also are cheaper as they do not need long-distance freight charges or large scale quarrying. They are also good like other paver blocks as far as rain is concerned because rain water permeates easily through these tiles. Although bricks give a good and neat look to the driveway but they are fragile and do not have long life. 

In order to give long life, they can be fitted with concrete and to make them stronger, you can use cement mortar.

If you are trying to find pavers in Melbourne, you can try at Stone Hub where you will get a big range of paver blocks.