Signs and Home Solutions for Blocked Drains

A homeowner can face different problems when dealing with daily activities of life. Blocked drains can be a source of health issues to its homeowners and pets. Clogged gutters can cause extensive property damage if left unattended. Without the help of a professional plumber or a considerable amount of sewage system upgrades, the problem will get worse, and life at home can become a nightmare.

Whether you need your sink drain unclogged, or your toilet plumbing stopped, there are many reasons why your household is experiencing blocked drains. Here are the signs to look out if you have blocked drains, and some home solutions that you can try to fix the problems.

Signs of Drain Blockage

The unusual smell can be the first sign of a blocked drain. Usually, there is a distinct sewage-like smell that does not go away. If the odour is not that strong, you might find water spill back up in your sinks and toilets to indicate that you have a blocked drain. The watercolour is different from what you used to see and more often if your drain is overflowing, you are experiencing a blockage.

There are instances where you will hear strange sounds. If you hear gurgling sounds, it means that water is being pushed and gets pooled inside the clogged pipes. Finally, you may observe that your toilet or sink takes too long to drain the water. You will be tempted to turn on the faucet or flush the toilet once more, but that can only make the problem worse and cause the water to overflow.

Home Solutions

If you have fat and grease clogging your kitchen sink, you may try using vinegar and baking soda to unclog your pipes. First, you need to pour hot water into the blocked drain and then add baking soda into the sink. After a few minutes, you can add vinegar and additional hot water. You need to cover the drain for five to ten minutes and then flush the sink with boiling water. Hopefully, the sink clears up after this do-it-yourself solution.

If your kitchen sink is clogged due to nasty food particles that got stuck to the pipes, you may try using a plunger to dislodge the gunk. You can fill your sink halfway with warm water and use the plunger to push and down. Once the food particles have been dislodged, you can drain the rest with hot water.

If you have small toiletries or clumps of hair that got stuck in your bathroom drain, you can try to dislodge the items by using a bent coat hanger and loosen the blockage in the pipes. Do not forget to remove the drain cover first before removing the clogged items.

Blocked pipes and clogged drains may begin as a small issue, but eventually, it can escalate into major problems. Many homeowners do not think of their sewer lines until the damage is extreme. Blocked sewer drains can make raw sewage come out of drains, and can be very expensive to repair it. Furthermore, some solutions require excavation and replacement, which is an inconvenience to the homeowner. Proactive prevention of blocked drains is the key to maintain the cleanliness of your sewers and pipes.