Starting a Cosmetic Dental Clinic? Equipment You Have To Invest In

Equipment You Have To Invest In

When you have been working for years to train in cosmetic dental care, it is no small thing when you finally have the funding, the training, and the team to open your own clinic. 

Cosmetic dental clinics have been booming in recent years due in part to more people having better dental hygiene and excess money to spend on polishing their smiles and straightening their teeth. However, along with the standard dental equipment that you will need, with cosmetic dental care, you will need to purchase some more specialized tools, and here, you will be walked through some of the ones that you won’t be able to operate your cosmetic clinic without. 

Intraoral Cameras

An intraoral camera is a piece of essential dentist practice equipment, more so if you have cosmetic dental surgery. This kind of camera is used to capture high-resolution images of your patient’s teeth, as well as allow you to get detailed images. This is important when you are looking to fit veneers, when you want to bond the teeth, and when you want to whiten them. It can also allow you to show your patients exactly what the issues might be, allowing for better collaboration on treatment. These cameras will also help you to plan a better outcome for your patients.

Digital Impression Systems

If you want to attract patients to your cosmetic dental surgery, you need to do away with gloopy impression kits. The digital impression systems have replaced the putty impression with a simple digital scan, which allows you to have a higher level of accuracy when it comes to using an impression to make veneers, crowns, and even fitting aligners. Also, you may have heard that patients have thrown up during the use of traditional putty systems- that is not a joke and is the last thing you want to happen at your cosmetic clinic!

Prep Instruments

Now, you will likely be looking into fitting veneers as well as performing dental whitening. So, you will need to have a porcelain veneer prep kit, as well as the fitting tools, alongside all of the mixes and drills for fitting composite veneers and fillings. As cosmetic dental care is almost an art form in itself, you will also need to invest in some contouring and shaping instruments to help you customize the shape of the fitting you have applied to your patient’s teeth. Of course, much like a paint swatch, you will also need shade guides to ensure that the veneers you have made are the shade that your patients want.

Teeth Whitening Systems

Professional whitening systems are another area that you, as a cosmetic dental practitioner, will want to look into. Options like Zoom are popular and highly effective, allowing you to whiten your patient’s teeth up to 18 shades. You will also want to look into options that allow your patients to take home top-up kits, which they can use between professional sessions. Remember, you will also need to invest in gum guards and specialist gloves for you and your assistant to wear, as professional whitening kits are high in hydrogen peroxide.