The Best of New Orleans Style for Homes in the French Quarter and Beyond  

Whether you buy a shotgun house on the West Bank, a Garden District townhouse, or a Creole Townhouse in the French Quarter, iron doors, windows, and railings may be essential features for maintaining the look and legacy of the beautiful homes you’ve purchased. More importantly, trying to change things might bring the ire of locals, tourists, and historical societies down on you like you wouldn’t believe.

It’s not just about making use you have the right, authentic touches for your New Orleans homes. It is equally important to make sure you invest in quality craftsmanship. What this means is that any old New Orleans iron door company will not suffice. You need to go with experts that understand the tradition, style, and demands of a population that is wholly committed to holding onto its heritage.

How Important is Tradition for New Orleans Architecture?

It’s true that New Orleans was one of the original melting pots in U.S. culture blending French and Spanish cultures and adopting other cultures such as African and Native American into the mix as well. Despite the melting pot beginnings, New Orleans is proud of its Creole heritage and seeks to hold onto it in both architectural traditions and food. Both of which are unforgettable features of any New Orleans experience.

The architectural traditions are evident in the unique styles of many homes throughout the region. While Katrina decimated the city’s poorer neighborhoods, the city is continuing to restore itself, while still holding on the architectural styles for which it is famous. That is why you should choose your New Orleans iron door company carefully.

Stunning ironwork doesn’t happen by accident. It takes careful planning and talented artisans to craft the beautiful doors so famous throughout New Orleans. When you get it right, though, your home, and by extension–-you, become belles of the balls during Carnival season and beyond.

It’s not all about the doors though. Depending on where you are in the city, there are other requirements for your home to measure up to local standards.

For instance, the brightly painted shotgun houses litter the city in practically every corner adding a touch of brightness and cheer to the dreariest streets outside the French Quarter. While these houses might not have iron doors, many do feature carefully crafted and unobtrusive iron windows and cheerful iron gates.

No matter how many storms blow in and out of the Crescent City, the residents will return with a vengeance to restore their homes to the brilliant colors, stunning styles, and historic elements so famed throughout New Orleans.


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