Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Custom Acrylic Award Plaques

Trophies and awards are a great way to recognize the hard work done by the employees in an organization. The fantastic thing about awards is they are a tangible sign of excellence and recognition that can be on a desk or in the room for years after being won. From big events to small events, trophies are highly appreciated by those that receive them. It is a great way to showcase their contributions to the business.

A great advantage of that is that it enables them to give the best performance in their respective expertise. Now, as a business owner, you must ensure that the awards and trophies that you give are of high-quality. However, if you look in the market, there are many different varieties available in the trophies and awards in terms of shapes, sizes, materials and price ranges.

There are lots of companies that manufacture custom acrylic awards. These plaques come in a wide variety, including traditional and modern approach towards the design. It is now possible for you to get the same gleam of polished wooden trophies from the elegantly sparkling crystal plaques.

You can even go for custom acrylic awards, which are most commonly used. You can also get the awards custom designed. Simply get the design that you have in your mind approved. Let’s now look at the criteria to select the best acrylic award plaques.


Select an exclusive style for your custom acrylic design. You need to ensure that it fits your requirements. Also, make sure that the style of the designs is artistic and flows with your company’s overall branding. You want something that reminds people where it came from!


If your company or brand has a particular color associated with them, it’s easy to match that color in your awards and keep an overall theme going. For example, if your company uses blue, you can choose several different types of blue awards that all match one another but have slightly different designs. You can also use different colors for different awards or levels of awards – it’s all up to you!


While we have mainly focused on acrylic awards here, it’s important to remember that there are many other types to choose from – wooden plaques, crystal awards, glass awards, resin trophies, art glass awards, and custom standard trophies are just a few other options. It’s always good to look at all your potential options before making a final decision!

Final Words

These are just a few different ideas to think of for your event. If you need more information, get in touch with a reputed company like Flying W Awards, known for manufacturing trophies in Indianapolis.