Tips for Provence Style

Lightness and tenderness, romance and tranquility among small French villages and winding roads… Provence style is popular among those who are tired of the city bustle. Calmness and relaxation are something that people who live in the frenzied pace of life in megacities are so lacking. The Provence style in the interior of the apartment will contribute to harmonization, and dispose to rest. And do not forget that this is a French style, which is why natural grace, so characteristic of France, is inherent in it.

Furniture and colors

As a rule, you can see beautiful wooden furniture decorated with elegant wrought-iron elements. There is also original wicker furniture, which stands out for its skillful ornamentation. In view of this, no modern furniture in this style can be appropriate. If there is no enough budget to buy furniture made of natural wood, while there is a great desire to live in a rustic-style interior, then you can furnish the apartment with chipboard furniture of the appropriate design, which will exactly imitate the texture of natural wood. As a last resort, the surface of the furniture can be painted independently with light paint, which is very characteristic of this style. It often contains traces of abrasion, cracks, small chips and other “errors”. It is less cumbersome than other types of country style, while retaining the roughness and simplicity of the design. 

Decorated in the Provence style, the interior contains “old” sideboards, bulky dressers and wardrobes, interesting benches, large tables. The surface of the furniture can be painted in white, lavender, delicate turquoise or just the natural wood colors. Colorful floral patterns are also widely used. The upholstered part of the furniture is covered with striped or checkered upholstery. On the sofas, to which the rough wooden armrests are adapted, many pillows are laid out. Leather or wicker chairs are all in line with the Provence style. Also, an obligatory element of this style is beautiful beds, reminiscent of a royal bed, and they are equipped with forged or wooden headboards and legs. Forging takes a special place here. It is present everywhere – the backs of benches, wrought-iron shelves, legs of chairs and tables, etc.

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Provencal textiles

The most common material is chintz, rustic cotton or linen. Multicolored flowers act as a textile ornament, a little less often – stripes or cells. Pillowcases, kitchen tablecloths, window curtains and napkins are sewn from floral fabric. Interesting ruffles around the edges, original drapery, neatly tied on the sides in no less interesting ways. The sleeping bed must be covered with a quilted bedspread, which also has a cheerful and pleasant floral ornament. In a French wooden house, you can always see a variety of lace products, which are carefully tied by skillful hands. This hand-made creation is used to decorate pillowcases, the edges of tablecloths and napkins.

Interior lighting, decoration and accessories

The bases of all the lighting elements are made of forging, and their lampshades are covered with a fabric with flowers. Forged and wicker decorations are everywhere: vases, boxes, baskets, etc. The walls are hung with ceramic plates, flower landscapes, candelabra, shelves, originally framed mirrors and, of course, a figurine of a rooster. Plants are present here in any form – fresh fragrant wildflowers, a variety of flowering houseplants in pots, bunches of fresh grass, dried bouquets, etc. The French style is also no stranger to the marine theme, so in the interior you can sometimes see white textiles that resemble a sea vest, blue seashells, torn nets of fishermen, etc. The nautical theme is almost always appropriate in the interior of the bathroom.

Provence style in the interior of the kitchen

In any living space, the kitchen has a special atmosphere. It is always pleasant to be here, it is comfortable and warm here. The kitchen needs to be decorated in light colors. Kitchen furniture can be white, cream, blue, brown or green, and the backsplash is usually trimmed with beautiful, specially selected stones. The countertops are decorated in exactly the same style. Facade grilles are also appropriate in the modern interior, thanks to which we are immediately transported to the good old rural Provence.

There are always ceramic dishes decorated with colorful ornaments, wicker baskets, vases. To create comfort, there are pillows on the seats of the chairs, and pleasant covers on their backs. An indispensable element is kitchen tablecloths or napkins on dining tables, on which a large vase of wildflowers is proudly planted. If we talk about the old and the present style, the hearth is the central element here. The stoves are always decorated with forging and lined with stones. In a city apartment, no one will be able to establish such an element, therefore, a kitchen stove acts as a hearth here, above which a chef cap proudly hangs. It is not only beautiful, but also practical, especially since the spirit of Provence is felt in it.

Unique style

How can you accurately define French Provence without confusing it with the country style of another country? The rustic styles have a lot in common, while still there are some nuances that will allow you not to confuse the Provencal style in the interior with anything – the absence of bright colors in the decoration, the presence of wooden furniture with floral patterns, a large number of bright textiles with patterns in flower, openwork and graceful forged products.

In addition, French Provence is distinguished by its minimalism. The living rooms have an atmosphere of freshness and coolness. There is a moderate amount of decorations on the white walls, and large windows, which are unlikely to be found in other types of the country style due to the climatic conditions. Unfortunately, a lot cannot be realized in a modern apartment, while skillfully creating the necessary association is quite possible. What is associated with Provence? Of course, it is warmth, the scent of sea air and herbs, flowering meadows, the smell of dried herbs and spices, the pleasant feeling that you live in a house well-groomed by the hands of your grandmother. To create all this, it is enough to choose the French Provence style and put your soul into the interior.

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