Top Reasons Why You Should Restore Your Furniture 

Most people believe they only have one option when it comes to their damaged furniture — throw it away and buy a new one. They think that old and worn-out furniture has outlived its purpose and utility. While it is good to have a new one, you can extend your old piece’s lifespan and usefulness if you refurbish or repurpose it. 

If you have grown attached to your furniture, the easier choice is to visit someone specialising in furniture repairs. Through this, you can save money while you keep the item in your home. If these reasons are not enough for you to go for furniture restoration, check out other reasons provided below. 

Furniture repair is good for the environment 

The furniture you see in retail stores has been in many places before it reaches your home. The trees used to make these furniture pieces are shipped overseas to factories where they are processed into finished items. Once done, they are shipped back to the retail stores. After that, they again get shipped to the buyer’s house. All these movements result in countless fossil fuel being used and released into the atmosphere. On the other hand, repairing your furniture helps cut the fossil fuels used by leaps and bounds. Aside from that, you also keep your furniture from being dumped into the landfill. 

You can transform the furniture however you like

When you choose and buy a piece of furniture for your home, your choices are often limited to colour, style, and design options available in the manufacturer’s online or brick-and-mortar store. Sometimes, it can also be challenging to find that piece of furniture that will match your home’s existing decor and expectations. Then again, if you decide to have your old furniture repaired or reupholstered, you can decide on how you want it to look. A couch that is still in good working condition can be upholstered with your fabric of choice. You can choose the fabric colour that will match the other elements of your living room.

Repairs can save you money 

You can save thousands of dollars if you work with someone who specialises in furniture repairs. A new couch may cost over $AUD1,000, while a refurbished one may only cost a small fraction of this amount. Aside from the furniture cost, you also need to pay for the shipping fees. When you have your furniture repaired, you only need to buy the materials you need. With such a huge saving, you can appropriate your money for other more important expenses. 

Say, for instance, you want to replace your dining room table because of deep scratches from years of extensive use. Instead of throwing it away and getting yourself a new one, it would be cheaper to call your handyman to get rid of the scratches and apply a new stain. You still get a new dining table — this time, at a cheaper cost. 

The takeaway

There are several excellent and convincing reasons why it is always better to have your furniture repaired. You will benefit the most in getting old furniture repaired, especially if you are on a tight budget.