Underrated Benefits of Bodyweight Training

Today, calisthenics is gaining a lot of popularity because of the benefits it brings to your body and mind. Compared to other prevalent and orthodox forms, calisthenics is different. Like others, calisthenics does not require any equipment or additional tools. A small investment in equipment like a Free standing pull-up bar is more than sufficient to fulfill all your equipment necessities. Along with it, the different variations of every movement.

If your daily regime includes heavy barbells with heavy iron plates stacked on both sides, then you will get accustomed to exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, dips, and handstands very easily. This is one of the biggest benefits for those who are shifting from weight training to bodyweight training. And if you ever find yourself alone, you can just go to Calisthenics Worldwide and find the whole community of people who are new to calisthenics and are learning together. Sorry for this. Many other benefits mostly go unnoticed. Here are some of them.

Body Awareness

One of the most unique and distinctive advantages of calisthenics is that it develops body awareness in your head. It makes you more aware and sensible in terms of your body and the space they exist in. Gradually pushing and pulling heavy weights will most definitely make you stronger and grow your physique, but gymnastics moves that are more advanced than just pulling and pushing, like handstands, back levers, and planches, develop more than sheer body strength. But you also need to develop qualities that are often ignored in sports whose basic focus is strength, such as balance, stability, flexibility, and control.


The terms functional strength and functional training are used a lot in the world of training and fitness, but you need to know what it means and understand how it affects you. In simple terms, functional strength uses the whole body instead of training different parts of the body alone. Functional training can be described as exercises and movements that reflect or copy the essential movements in your daily life. Examples of functional exercises include the pull-up, jump squat and handstand push-up. These can be executed by using your body-weight only, but also with the help of a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell. In this way, all your major muscle groups are trained, which in turn improves your performance in the gym.


Waking up every day doing the same thing becomes very monotonous. You must be completely satisfied with what you’re used to in your daily schedule, but it is still good to change your pattern and try some new things from time to time. Calisthenics will provide you with the chance to actually do so. It is a very broad term, and people who do not know just imagine people hanging on bars and swinging on ropes. You can perform a single exercise with dozens of different forms.


In general, researchers have found that the more body-conscious you are, the more positive your relation and control of your body becomes, making exercise fun and breaking the cycle of boredom and monotony by including various exercises and multiple forms. Breathing difficulties and muscle burning, which are one of the most significant reasons people don’t train regularly, are the same things bodyweight athletes work for because it is a sign of strength and improvement rather than weakness.


One of the major differences between gym goers and bodyweight trainers is that to the bodyweight trainers, training is not a chore, or it does not seem like their daily job that they have to do. Instead, they are happy and excited about their training. And if you are a gym goer but now it feels like it weighs down on you, it’s time you make the shift.