Ways to improve your bum: Natural vs. surgery

Buttocks play a vital role in defining female sexuality. From celebrities like Kim Kardashian to Nicki Minaj, you realize that backsides come big and lifted.

To increase your butt’s size, you will have to change your diet and exercise more. There are many women in Europe opting for butt lifts and it’s just as effective as exercising.

1. Natural ways

Change your diet
You will need to adjust your eating habits if you desire a more toned backside. Drink lots of fluid and especially water. It is important for you to stay hydrated.

Fuel your bum with protein foods like fish, legumes, and nuts in every meal. Add unsaturated fats to your diet and avoid processed foods. Switch to whole wheat or whole grain foods.

Butt-building exercise
Include lunges, squats and butt bridges in your workout routine. You may also include jump squats and one-leg kickbacks. They are a great way to improve your bum.

Do your butt workouts 3 days in a week then rest for a day. This gives your muscles time to rebuild. Include these three in your butt workout and you may notice improvements soon enough.

Cardio exercise
Cardio exercises are healthy ways to work out and strengthen your lower body. Go for a run, a jog or play a refreshing sport that will enlarge your butt. Some of these leisure activities include swimming, aerobics, cycling, and gymnastics.

Taking walks and dancing will also be effective. Do your cardio exercise 5 or more times a week to improve your butt and maintain good health.

Wear butt-enhancing shapewear
Butt-enhancing shapewear is mostly comfortable and provides immediate results. While shopping for pants, look for those with ready sewn-in butt enhancers. You should also try to avoid baggy clothes. For a curvier effect, style your clothes with a belt. The belt cinches your waist, making your hips and butt look bigger.

2. Types of bum surgeries popular in Poland

Brazilian butt lift
The Fat Transplant Method is probably the safest and most efficient. Many women have opted for this option and the results have been satisfactory and long-lasting. The procedure involves fat transfer from your lower back, abdomen or thighs to your buttocks. The fat is then used to give you a rounder, firmer and bigger rear.

Butt implants
If you don’t have enough fat in your body, getting butt implants might be the ideal solution to achieving a bigger bum. Butt implants are risky and usually have nasty side effects. They are also quite comfortable and less natural.

Silicone butt implants add volume and are generally safe and effective. You may have heard of Silicone and hydrogel injections. They are a cheaper way of getting a bum lift.

Before undergoing any surgical procedure, make sure you’ve fully discussed the matter with your surgeon. A qualified surgeon will make sure you get the perfect butt for your body.

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