What Mistakes You Need To Forget Before Writing an Essay

Essay writing is an integral part of learning across all levels. Teachers use essays to evaluate students’ comprehension, analytical skills, and communication skills, among other things. These writing assignments require individual effort, including research, writing and editing. Luckily you can now get help from the experts responsible for essay writing in United States.

One of the easiest ways to improve your essay is by identifying common mistakes students make in writing. By learning about these pitfalls, you can avoid them and write A-grade papers every time.

Here are some mistakes you need to avoid when writing your essays:

1. Spelling Mistakes

Spelling mistakes are the most common errors made in essay writing.  Many students have a problem with English spelling and this affects the quality of their papers.

It is common to confuse homophones such as “right” and “write”/ “accept” and “except”/ “their”, “they’re”/ “weather” and “whether”, and “there” among other similar words. To avoid such mistakes, proofread your essay word for word before submitting it.

2. Word Repetition

Many students unknowingly repeat common English words in their essay. It is a problem caused by a thin vocabulary.  It makes an essay boring and you will end up with a low grade. Check your past essays and identify the words you normally repeat. Look for their synonyms or other close substitutes to make your paper more sensible.

3. Passive Voice

A good essay should consist of more action through the use of active voice. Passive voice is one of the biggest problems in essay writing. Students have a hard time when it comes to smooth sentence flow leading to writing anxiety and stress.

It is more interesting to read such a paper using active voice as the action moves forward in a direct manner. However, many students use a passive voice which is harder to read.  Readers will have to keep turning back to determine who’s the doer. Passive sentences are also longer and boring to read.

4. Poor Subject-Verb Agreement

The subject you use must always go with the right form of a verb in a sentence. This grammar rule makes sentences easier to read. For instance, a singular subject should always go with a singular verb.  You should go through your essay to ensure there’s a harmonious flow connection the subjects and verbs used.

5. Run-On Sentences

A sentence is an important structure in writing. For this reason, it should convey meaning quickly through the fewest words possible.

Run-on sentences go against this principle when the writer fails to use conjunctions between two clauses.  It is a frustrating mistake which makes it hard for a reader to deduce the meaning from your paper.

6. Use Of First/Second Person Narrative

A formal essay should use an objective point of view. When you use the pronouns I, Me, We, You, Our or Your, you give your essay a subjective feel. It is a mistake that will deny you the best grade. You should use the third formal persona point of view for your essays unless directed otherwise in the essay guidelines.

7. Wordiness

It is common for students to get carried away in their writing and forget all the rules. Wordiness is a problem in essay writing that arises when the writer uses excessive words to pass the message.

Try to express meaning using as few words as possible. You should eliminate common but unnecessary phrases such as “actually”, basically”, “indeed”, “due to the fact” among others.

Final Thoughts

Essay writing is an inevitable part of your school life. To make your life easier, you need to improve your essay writing skills to enjoy these assignments. By identifying these common essay writing mistakes, you can avoid them in your paper for the best grades.

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