What to look for in a removalist company?

It is important to know your moving company as you’ll trust them with your most precious goods. If you know you’ll be planning a move sometime this year, then it’s best to start early. This way, you won’t need to hunt for a removalist at the 11th hour.

Starting your research on removalist companies early will give a lot of time to compare estimates and services.

Qualities you should look for in your removalist company

Read reviews

Read reviews of removalists Melbourne. Websites and Google reviews share customer experiences. This will help you discern how good your company is. Reviews give you an unbiased outlook of your company.

Hunt experts

Look for removalist companies that are experts in moving some of your precious goods. For instance, you may have piano or gym equipment that you wish to shift to your new home. Not all removalist companies may have the expertise required to move them.

Companies usually list all their services on their website. However, customer review is an excellent place to study the company for its expert services.

Know your estimates

Your removalist company should give you an affordable estimate that offers you most of the quality services you are looking for.

If your company cannot offer you an online estimate, you should not be wasting your time there. Get estimates from at least three companies at the top of your list to decide which one to go for.

Inclusive costs

To avoid unforeseen extra costs, ask your company what is included in their package. Some companies charge extra for fuel. Some provide boxes but count them as additional expenses incurred. Some others charge extra for the packing.

Your removalist company should be able to provide all these services to you inclusive of the estimate they quoted to you initially. If they list these services as additional costs, you should keep looking until you find the right company.

Find the right balance

If you feel like your company is expensive, always consider the quality of services it is offering. Cheap companies often do not provide quality services. This can mean that your goods might reach you in damaged condition. However, similarly, a high-priced company does not guarantee quality services. You need to consider factors such as price, estimate, and reputation of your company to reach a decision.


You need to do some deep-diving research into your company. Website reviews and estimates do not cover your research for you.

If you’re moving in-between states, you need to check if your company has a license for moving. You can check your company’s license number in the Department of Transportation’s database. Look into the insurance of your company as multiple moving companies operate without insurance.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, no matter how much research you do on your moving company, you’re going to have to trust your gut. Use your intellect and your heart to trust the right removalist company.

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