Which Mattress Is The Best For A Comfortable & Healthy Sleep?

Studies have shown time and again that your overall health is dependent on the quality of your sleep, which in turn is dependent on your mattress. If you are sleeping on an old and battered mattress, the chances are high that you are dealing with back pain along with other health ailments. Fortunately, there are plenty of high-quality types of mattresses at affordable prices in the market. These mattresses offer you comfort and ample support as you get quality sleep each night. However, comfort is a subjective matter, so you cannot rely solely on the opinion of friends and family while picking out a new mattress.

Different Types Of Mattresses

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular mattress models available in the market currently:

Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress is made from a viscoelastic material that has the ability to conform to any shape when it comes in contact with heat. So when you lie down on a memory foam mattress, the mattress conforms to your body shape, it bounces back to its original shape as soon as you get up from it. In fact, some people have described their experience of using a memory foam mattress similar to sleeping on a cloud. The mattress is extremely comfortable and also provides support to the body at the same time. The best memory foam mattress from Wakefit has the ability to absorb motion, allowing you to sleep uninterrupted through the night regardless of whether you share your bed with your partner, kids or pets.

Orthopaedic Mattress

The orthopedic mattress has been awarded the honor of being the best online mattress by customers from all over the world. This mattress has been designed by a group of experienced orthopedic doctors. It offers comfort and ample support to your body so that you can sleep comfortably each night. The mattress is not as soft as the memory foam mattress, allowing your spinal cord to remain in its natural alignment. In fact, the orthopedic mattress is often recommended by medical professionals to patients recovering from major injury or surgery. The orthopedic mattress does not create new pressure points, allowing you to sleep comfortably and wake up each morning feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Dual Comfort Mattress

The Dual Comfort mattress is specially designed to give you a mattress that can be used on either of its sides. While one side offers medium-soft firmness, the other surface is medium firm. This is a useful mattress to keep on hand so that you have access to a soft as well as medium-firm mattress at all times. The dual comfort mattress is made of different layers, with the top layer being made of breathable fabric. This allows the free movement of air, allowing you to sleep comfortably at night. The high resilience foam at the bottom of the dual comfort mattress supports your core body so that the spinal cord remains in its natural alignment at all times.

As seen above, each mattress model comes with its own set of advantages. You will need to read through the various pros and cons before deciding which will be the best king size mattress for you. Fortunately, most mattress manufacturers offer a free trial period that allows you to use the mattress from a fixed number of days before deciding to keep it or return it. Many customers have used this option to find a mattress that suits their requirements. The best mattress is one that allows you to sleep comfortably and wake up feeling refreshed each morning without any aches or pains. After all, quality sleep is critical for your overall health.