Why Should You Get Professional Duct Cleaning During The Fall Season?

Just before the Fall season approaches, everything around us seems to be preparing and all of a sudden things start looking more beautiful. We are all now just waiting for the crispy and cool outdoor breeze with the aroma of pumpkin spice and apple cider vinegar. However, is it the same when you are at home too or do you smell humidity and dust? Well, if your answer is YES, then it is time for a seasonal duct cleaningsession. It is crucial that you take care of your residential HVAC system before the dust intensifies and leads to infections, suffocating smell, and overall uncomfortable atmosphere at home.

Why do you need professional duct cleaning before winter?

While every residential HVAC system should get professional cleaning at least twice a year, the pre-fall season is an ideal time. One because it is almost towards the end of the year, and second because it is time that the AC remotes go up on the shelves due to the falling temperature. So, why not get the cleaning done and let the system rest for a couple of months?

Here is a list of some of the most common reasons why professional duct cleaning is absolutely reasonable.

Family member is prone to allergies

The air released from the air ducts circulates around the whole house. So, every time the air blows, it carries particles that constantly deposit on the ducts. Now, these are tight spaces and are therefore prone to chemicals and dust deposition. Besides, ducts are parts of the HVAC system where you will find the maximum amount of dust-mites, dander, mold, pet fur, germs, bacteria, fungi, and more. All of these can cause obnoxious allergies and by cleaning the ducts, you make your home more comfortable for all family members, including the ones who are prone to allergies.

Visible growth of mold within the ducts

One of the most obvious ones in the list, it is undoubtedly unhealthy breathing mold spores every day. However, it is evident that dirt and moisture deposition will lead to fungi, bacteria, and allergy formation. Therefore, it is preferable that you are aware of the developments, and so get a seasonal cleaning done without fail.

There are pets in the family

One of the problems that come free with the cute pets is their fur flying all over the house. Plus, these easily gets deposited in every nook and corner of rooms and also within the ducts. Apart from damaging the HVAC system, fur particles mixed with dirt also make the air unhealthy for breathing. So, it is essential that you hire professionals for proper duct cleaning.

Dust emission from air vents

There may come a point when the air vents of your HVAC system may start emitting dust particles due to massive deposition of dirt particles. It is time for professional air duct cleaning because the fans are unable to function without pushing out dirt particles that is now polluting the air inside your house. So, to resolve all efficiency issues and also cleanse the air you breathe, getting the ducts cleaned is important.

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