10 Benefits of Having a Roadworthy Certificate

A roadworthy certificate is a safety certificate that shows that your vehicle has been inspected and verified as fit to be on the road. The local Australian governments set standards for vehicle road-worthiness and their respective transport departments enforce them. The certificates are issued by licensed mechanics who check the seats, seat-belts, steering and braking systems, tyres, oil or fluid leaks. They also check whether all the lights are working appropriately and point out any unlawful modifications. There are many benefits you can get when you have a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC).

1. Facilitates Vehicle Registration

It is not possible to run your vehicle on Australian roads without registering it. Among the primary requirements is an RWC, which is crucial in reducing the number of accidents and generally making the roads a safer place for all.

2. Provides Information on a Potential Purchase

You are required by the law to obtain the certificate when purchasing a vehicle so that you can register it in your name. It also acts as a guarantee that the car you are buying meets the required minimum safety standards.

3. Helps to Avoid Tickets from Law Enforcement Officers

It is essential to have your roadworthy certificate in case an officer ceases you, and they ask to see it. The certificate proves that you are not putting yourself, pedestrians, or other drivers at risk. Although, it is not a guarantee that the officer will not check for other defects on the car

4. You have Peace of Mind

When your vehicle has been inspected and cleared of any fault, you will be confident as you drive. You do not have to worry about risking the lives of others and yourself. For instance, you know that your brakes work and you do not need to panic when you are required to make an abrupt stop say to avoid ramming into an animal on the road.

5. Attract Many Potential Buyers

Potential buyers need to know that your vehicle is a safe and worthy purchase. An RWC reflects the ability and road-worthiness of the car. The certificate is also required when you are transferring the ownership to new owners and gives you an upper hand when you want to sell your vehicle outside your state.

6. Excellent Negotiating Tool for Buyers and Sellers

As a buyer, you want to know what you are putting your money when buying a second-hand vehicle. You should consider going a notch higher and get Pre-Purchase Inspections. This is a comprehensive report of the car which reveals any defects not disclosed during the safety inspection. The faults can be a good point for buyers to negotiate, and they help a seller to quote the best price beforehand.

7. It is Convenient

Many reliable safety inspection companies understand that taking your car to the company is time-consuming, and you may not have the time. So, they come to you. You are only required to book an appointment, and they will find you at a location that is convenient to you, inspect, evaluate, and send you the certificate as soon as possible.

8. You Have Time to Repair

When planning to sell your car, you want it at its best; it means, you can be a little disappointed when you fail the first inspection. Although, there is no need to worry because you have 14 days to repair before a re-inspection. If you attend to the necessary repairs in the required time frame, you will not be required to pay for the Safety Certificate again.

9. Makes the Sale Process Easy

With an RWC and all the legal paperwork, you can begin advertising your car for sale. With the certificate, you are selling your vehicle knowing that it is efficient and worthy enough to be on the roads and it holds the best features.

10. Safety Guarantee

The certificate gives you confidence in your vehicle’s optimal condition and performance. You can sleep easy, knowing that your vehicle is safe to drive and ready for resale. The cost of getting a roadworthy certificate varies and depends on factors like age and the present condition of a vehicle. Therefore, choosing a professional and reputable company for the job will ensure you gain the most value from your roadworthy certificate.