2 Reasons Why You Need A Bed frame

Though a mattress plays a vital role in getting a good night’s sleep, the bed frame is equally important. Choosing the correct type of base for your bed may not be an easy task. Most mattresses have box springs to give you comfort, but your mattress may slide around without a bed frame. A wooden bed base is preferred by people who want to choose a frame that never goes out of fashion. Choose a wooden bed frame if you need it to be solid and natural and with a distinct texture.

Common bed frames

Metal bed frames

Metal bed frames are available in various designs and shapes because you can mould the metal easily to the desired shapes. Elegant metal headboards and footboards improve the aesthetics of your bedroom. If you need to change the colour of the frame, it can be done quickly.  It can support heavy weights and can last for a lifetime.

Metal frames are not very expensive and are easy to maintain as you can clean them using a damp cloth. They can never get damaged by pests or insects. Though they are heavy, they are solid and durable. You can dismantle them easily if you have plans of moving to another place in the future. Some metal beds have wheels to move them around easily.

Wooden bed frames

Wooden bed frames can make your bedroom look warm, welcoming, and reassuring. They have a natural appearance that complements both classic and contemporary interiors. The frames are robust, sturdy, and last for a lifetime. The wooden bed frame is a good investment because it lasts for many years and stays good even when you move it from one house to another.

Wooden bed frames are less noisy, and they don’t creak like steel bed frames. You can have a peaceful sleep with no annoying sounds from your bed frame. It has no bolts to tighten or joints that require grease. Also, wooden frames are available in a variety of designs and colours. The frames are made out of oak, mahogany, cherry, birch, or maple and complement all types of bedroom decor.

Maintaining wooden bed frames is not difficult. They appear like new when you clean them using wood polish. After many years they start looking like antique pieces even with minor imperfections and give a classic look to your bedroom. They are highly customisable, and you can have a frame of your preference without much trouble.

Benefits of using bed frames

Most mattresses have box springs to give you added comfort while sleeping. They also help to prevent back pain and restlessness. The bed frame supports the mattress, and without it, your mattress can sag. The frame ensures that your mattress stays in a place without slipping on the floor.

Some bed frames have storage space under the bed. You can store extra pillows, comforters, and winter wear in the storage space. It helps to organise things and avoid clutter in your bedroom.

Your body heat and sweat may cause mould to form on the mattress. Only air circulation can prevent the formation of moulds and save the mattress. Bed frames allow air circulation through the mattress. They also prevent insects from entering the mattress.

A mattress with a metal frame or wooden bed base has a long life. Bed frames can make your bedroom look classy and inviting. When you invest in a bed frame, you are investing in peaceful sleep for a long time.

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