5 Plus Size Sexy Underwear Ideas

When picking out plus size underwear, there are a lot of sexy options available. A plus-size figure does not have to hide under anything. Lingerie is fashioned to highlight a woman’s curves and give subtle hints about her personality. For some people, sexy can be skimpy, or some like the teasing style. The teasing forms allow for just a peek of skin to be seen in the right places. These cuts leave a lot to a vivid imagination. Here are the top five plus size sexy underwear options you may not have thought about.

1. Front-Hook Bras

Bras that have a clasp in the front offer more benefits than just being visually appealing. Having a hook in front makes it easier to put on, and because the back piece is solid, it can offer a little more support. The front hooks create a plunging neckline. This look can be lovely on someone with a full figure. The front-hook varieties can come with one secure clasp or several subtle eyes and hooks.

Do not limit yourself to white or beige, either. Pick out some vibrant colors and lacy patterns. You should purchase the same size front-hook bra as your traditional ones.

2. Bustiers

Bustiers are modern corsets that can give the appearance of a waistline. Bustiers are sometimes referred to as long-line bras or undergarments. This term refers to the long stretch of cloth running down the body, which gives it sex appeal. One popular style covers the chest and upper torso with rows of vertical lace that make it look like the bustier is tied on. Some other playful forms have lined cups, but the bodice is pure lace. These lacy masterpieces are the perfect example of a teasing cut and pattern. Bustiers can land anywhere from the end of the rib cage to the tops of the hip bones. You can also clip onto garter belts and stockings for even more sex appeal.

3. Strapless

Plus size women can wear strapless bras. Today’s fabric and construction methods allow enough stretch and strength to keep the brassiere in place and the breasts supported. Strapless undergarments let you enjoy more strap-free dresses and tops. Some of the strapless forms have soft underwire placed in the cups to give all-day support.

Pasties are sexy strapless breast covers that are available in all sizes. Manufacturers have created some strong gel forms that you apply over the breast. Next, you gently pull up on the material and stick it to your upper chest. These will hold the breast in place, and some brands can be reused several times. These may be a good alternative for some strapless outfits or under a bikini top.

4. Thongs

Plus size women can and should wear thong underwear with particular pants, leggings, and skirts. The trick to making thong underwear comfortable is to pick a soft fabric and wash them before the first wear. Cotton, silk, and polyester are all excellent choices. To make them even sexier, look for pairs with lace accents on the front panel or waistband. These will look cute but still feel comfortable. Thongs that are high cut can give the illusion of longer legs.

G-strings are similar to thongs, but G-strings do not have the coverage in front. They are basically strings that wrap between the legs and around the waist.

5. Boy Cut Underwear

Boy cut underpants are underwear that looks like skimpy shorts. If you get them short enough, just enough of your bottom can hangout to cause a pleasant stir. The legs can be cut straight across, or the backside cloth might arch in an upward curve. Because they are a little longer, they do not leave a stark panty line on your thinner pants and leggings. Boy cuts also have a variety of waist heights. The low-rise cut sits just above the pubic bone, and the high-rise lands around the waist.

Today’s lingerie market embraces plus size women and their figures. The manufacturers have created sturdy, but yet sexy, bras that offer full support. There are playful cuts, clothes, and patterns available. No one should have to suffer with brief-style panties. Sexy panties are made for all shapes and sizes, and they can help make an outfit by masking panty lines.