6 Signs You Need to See an Invisalign Dentist

People should see dentists on a regular basis, so they can receive help when it comes to their teeth. While people will go to an orthodontist to fix their teeth, they should also consider Invisalign. If you don’t know when you should see a dentist for Invisalign, you can keep these six signs in mind.

You Have Crooked Teeth

If you notice you have crooked teeth, you should see a dentist about your Invisalign options. Most people get Invisalign to help them with their crooked teeth, so make sure you see one if you face any crooked teeth problems. Many times, crooked teeth can affect your smile, but you could face other problems as well.

For example, some people with crooked teeth may have biting problems. Others may face issues when it comes to crooked teeth, so you may want to see a dentist about it to keep your teeth healthy.

Your Teeth Come in Incorrectly

On top of the previous point, your teeth may grow incorrectly, which can lead to issues. Even if they are straight, they could be in the wrong spots or spaced out, which can lead to dental problems. If you have spaces in your teeth, you could face problems when it comes to dental hygiene and similar issues.

If your teeth come in incorrectly, you should see an Invisalign dentist get some help. That way, you can use Invisalign to make some adjustments to your teeth to properly align them.

You Lose a Tooth

Sometimes, you’ll run into a situation where you lose a tooth. This could happen from a tooth falling out after an injury or a tooth-rotting out of your mouth. If a tooth falls out for any reason, you will have a gap in your teeth that you need to take care of sooner rather than later.

While you should get a new tooth in when possible, you may want Invisalign to make sure you line up your teeth. This means if you lose a tooth, it won’t hurt to try Invisalign.

You Never Had Braces

Invisalign stands out as an alternative to braces, so if you never had braces, you may want to see a dentist. Even if your teeth look straight, you may have some underlying problems you overlooked in the past or didn’t notice. This means you may want to see a dentist about your Invisalign options, so you can take care of any issues.

If you didn’t have braces in the past, it wouldn’t hurt to get your teeth checked, so you can make sure they are properly aligned for optimal dental health.

You Have a Dental Condition

Keep in mind Invisalign could help you with some of your dental conditions, so if you have a problem, you could address it. This can include over or underbites, crowded teeth, and many other issues. In short, if you have a dental issue at all, it wouldn’t hurt to see if Invisalign could help you with the problem.

Even if you can’t address the problem with Invisalign, you can find out by visiting a dentist. That way, you can look into your options, see how it could help, and care for your teeth.

Your Mouth Is Big Enough for Wisdom Teeth

While most people get their wisdom teeth removed before they grow in, your mouth may be big enough to keep them. Since most people can’t fit wisdom teeth in their mouths, this isn’t a problem, but you could face issues if you have enough space. Once your wisdom teeth grow in, you should see if you will need Invisalign to take care of them.

Invisalign could help the wisdom teeth line up with the rest of your teeth. Make sure you see a dentist about this if you want to keep them.


Invisalign is a great choice if you want to straighten your teeth, so you should see a dentist if you need help. These six signs will help you identify if you should see an Invisalign dentist, so make sure to keep them in mind. That way, you can receive the help you need while taking care of your teeth.