A Step-by-Step Guide to Discovering Your Signature Perfume

There is a Simpsons episode where the family visits Grampa Simpson’s nursing home after they think he has passed away. Bart opens a drawer and says, ‘It’s Grampa’s scent – Old, Old Spice.’ This, obviously, is a play on the gentlemen’s aftershave, Old Spice. 

However, there is a lot of fact in this simple statement. Many people associate scents with certain people, and research has found that when most people remember friends or family members whom they haven’t seen for a long time or have passed away, they often describe their smell. 

So, how do you go about making sure you have a signature perfume or aroma? Here are some top tips to consider.

What Is Your Favorite Scent?

First, what are those smells that make you happy? Do you love the smell of vanilla ice cream in the summer? Or, do you love a dew-kissed woodland full of blooming bluebells?

By identifying your favorite aromas, you are more likely to be able to figure out which group of fragrances you are more likely to enjoy. For flowers, it is floral; for lighter vanilla scents, it is oriental; for things like cinnamon and cardamom, it is spicy; and for cedarwood, it is woody. So, you can then head to direct fragrances to look at what they have in stock in your favorite perfume group.

When Will You Wear It?

Next, when choosing your perfume scent(s), you need to think about where you will wear the perfume. Are you going to be wearing it to work, like in your office, or will you be wearing it for evenings and special occasions? How often will you wear it? For lighter, more minimal aromas to wear to work, choose an eau de toilette, whereas if you are going for a night on the town with your partner, choose an eau de parfum, as this has a stronger concentration of the concentrated aroma.

Go Shopping

You will need to smell test the perfumes you are interested in. This is important, as a perfume may not react well with your skin’s natural odor, or it may smell different when you wear it. Take your time here, and make notes of the aromas that you like. Most people will spray perfume on their wrist or their inner elbow, as these areas are exposed and allow you to assess how the aroma will fade over time.


Following on from that, how long do you want the aroma to last? And how much do you want it to project? The projection of perfume, also known as sillage, will be how well it is detected by other people. Remember, this is where your preferences will really come out. If you want the aroma to last for hours without being overpowering, you will need to assess the longevity of each spray.

Brand and Price

There is little to no point in buying a perfume that is out of your price range. You should note that just because a perfume has a brand name attached to it, there are many independent perfume companies that can also offer a high-quality scent for a fraction of the cost. So, set a budget and shop around.