Building a Career as a Professional Plumber at North Shore

North Shore is considered one of the best places to live in New South Wales, Australia. Its local Health Department has reported that this area has the highest living expectancy in all of the region due to its conducive environment. This affluent neighbourhood boasts of catering to the second-largest business district in Sydney. Because North Shore is creating more buildings and housing projects, trade workers are in demand.

The need for a plumber in North Shore is quite high, and the salary is enticing, given that its median rate is highest among all the other trades. As such, being a professional plumber in this region can become a lucrative career for those who want to be a skilled worker.

Education and experience needed

Becoming a plumber is not an easy journey. Plumbers have the highest hourly salary among all the skilled workers because it takes a lot of effort to be considered as a professional.

The first step in becoming a plumber is acquiring a Certificate III in Plumbing. Some of the courses included in this certificate are Mechanical Service, Drainage, Irrigation, Water Supply, Sanitary, and Gasfitting. Others offer additional modules on Fire Protection and Roofing. These are all highly practical courses that will demand complex problem-solving abilities and technical efficiency. Part of this certification is a four-year apprenticeship.

Once this certification is attained, one can already become a registered plumber, but he cannot work on his own. He still needs to always be under the supervision of a licensed company. To progress from being a registered plumber to a licensed plumber, he needs to take up Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services and do another round of apprenticeship.

A licensed plumber in North Shore is required to renew his license every year while a registered plumber only needs to reapply their registration every three years.

Application for migrant worker

Migrant workers are permitted to work as professionals. However, they are required to pass a more rigorous skills assessment. They also need to familiarize themselves with the country’s standards. To check if they are qualified, they are required to get an Offshore Technical Skill Record upon application.

Their evaluator will determine what other skill sets they need to be qualified to work in North Shore or other parts in NSW. Once permitted, they can be issued with any of the following visas: Skilled Independent visa, Temporary Skill Shortage visa, Employer Nominated Scheme, or Skilled Independent Visa.

Further studies

Learning does not stop for professional plumbers since advances in systems happen all the time. Those who like to become master plumbers can take up a Diploma in Plumbing and Services. They can specialize in either water plumbing, sanitation plumbing, or fire services plumbing. They are also encouraged to take certificates in Business Management if they want to start their own contracting firm.

Just like many professional services, plumbing services in North Shore is highly valued because it takes a lot of dedication before one can practice this trade. Should you desire to involve yourself in this career, know that what lies ahead is a fulfilling vocation that will challenge your problem-solving skills and technical efficiency.

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