Colorful Sports Shorts for Those Who Don’t To Wear Plain Stuff

A new wave of trends are in, and having the same, boring sports shorts are not the way to go nowadays. There are various ways on how to make your wardrobe better, and having some essential but stylish sports shorts can be your priority. Summer is right around the corner, which means you should step up your game when it comes to expressing yourself under the heat of the sun.

One of the few styles that have been on and off the fashion radar is vintage wear. With vintage clothing as the basis for most emerging style inspirations, a lot of old clothing pieces continue to be brought back by many. Certain retro styles – which would include monotone pieces, color-blocking, and layering with bright-colored ensembles – have re-emerged as more updated trends. As such, a lot of people would want to invest in pieces that look timeless yet stylish.

So, here are some colorful sports shorts you should try when upgrading your wardrobe.

1. Nike Flex Stride A.I.R. Cody Hudson

The flex stride is one silhouette that you should keep an eye on. These runningshorts feel more comfortable with its breathable leg openings that run up its side lengths. This collaboration with Artist-In-Residence Cody Hudson feels very retro with its polka dot print.

2. Nike ACG All-over Print Woven Shorts (Rush Red and Tour Yellow)

As an outdoor signature, the Nike ACG drags the typical earth tones into these vibrant colorways. It makes you stand out just the right amount, with its multi-storage feature there to keep your essentials safe.

3. Nike Dri-FIT Shorts (Green, Ember, Kumquat)

These vintage-looking shorts could be the best option for your training. You can move freely with its patented dry-fit technology and stretchable waist material. Also, it is color-blocked, making it more versatile when styled with other tops and shoes.

4. Adidas x Beyonce Ivy Park Cycling Shorts

Ladies, this collaboration is one of the best for this year so far. Beyonce placed an intense but subtle colorway in her Ivy Park cycling shorts, which include the amazon red and solar orange. Its side mesh for breathability is just perfect for rigorous activities.

5. Under Armour Launch SW “Go All Day” Shorts

Available in many pastel colorways, the “Go All Day” Shorts from Under Armour can be put in your daily rotation. Its woven fabric is stretchable to your utmost flexibility, and it also has the next-to-skin feature for comfort.

6. Under Armour Fly-by Printed Shorts

This special silhouette has reflective features and colorful prints that make you visible to motorists even when you run at night. It’s one of the few staple shorts with a wacky colorway. Additionally, the UA Fly-by Shorts make use of sweat-wicking material, which provides easy moisture absorption.


Investing in clothing that has plain or safe colorways is fine. But if you have invested enough on these, you might want to come up with a lineup that can tweak your wardrobe a bit. This does not only cover shorts but also tops, and even your footwear collection. The more you get to experiment with colors, the more confident you’ll become in wearing just about anything.