Data Science- The New Oil Of Academia And Its Increased Traction In The Market

Data science course in Bangalore is not software engineering. Data science is not building products or their features or any of the fancy coded doughnuts of software engineering. It is also not about visualization. Creating a cool visual is not the goal or the beginning of a data science student. The creation of infographics belongs to a niche completely different from this science. The academia myth associated with it is just another myth, as is it just being a statistical science.

What does data science encapsulate?

Data science is a course that consists of programming skills, statistical quickness, visualization skills, and business sensibility. It needs impromptu eagerness and sheer will to translate a business exponent into answers that match with the currents and is forthcoming to data availability at that time. It is an art that transforms randomness into data, which is useful.

What are the prospects of data science courses as a career?

The vast sea of prospects of a data science course makes it a rich career with myriads of possibilities. Every sector and business field need data analytics. Every year their increments made to the demand of a data science student. In India, data science is a full-fledged four-year course that is full of opportunities and sure placement opportunities amidst one’s academic year itself.

What are the criteria to become a data science student?

The basic one on one of every aspirant of data science must be aware of.

The tools and technologies of data science are certainly far from being precise but they can be summarized down to:

  1. a server
  2. a tableau desktop
  3. r programming
  4. python programming
  5. SAS

There are various universities all over India that provide excellent Data Science Courses which could be done online or on campus. You can also check StudyDataScience project if you want to enroll in one of the data science courses near you.



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