Frequently Asked Questions About Box Trailers

Do you have questions about box trailers for sale? Perhaps this is the first time you’ve ever gone to buy a box trailer, and you need some answers before you make a purchase. Whatever your reason for being interested in box trailers for sale, this article has the answers you seek. Read on for more information. 

What is a Box Trailer?

A box trailer is a type of trailer that’s shaped like a box. The simplicity of box trailers makes them very handy for business or home tasks that require hauling heavy things around. 

What Can Box Trailers Be Used For?

A box trailer is vital if you’re serious about gardening, or even if you live on a farm or large acreage. A wheelbarrow just doesn’t cut it in some situations, and box trailers for sale can prove to be of great use to minimise manual labour when maintaining gardens or moving materials such as rocks, soil and compost. 

Box trailers for sale can also be used in private business capacities. If you’re a tradesperson, you will find a box trailer a positive addition to your work assets. They provide a simple way of transporting many tools, supplies and heavy equipment. Box trailers for sale can also be found with enclosed cages to keep your tools protected and secure. 

Should I Buy a Painted Trailer?

The main reason to buy a painted box trailer is if you need it a certain colour for marketing reasons. Paint can easily become chipped on a painted trailer, so keep in mind that you will be up for the bill for repainting regularly, or else you could suffer the consequences of having a shabby looking trailer. 

How Can I Protect My Trailer From the Weather?

The best way of protecting box trailers from the weather is to ensure that you buy one that’s been galvanised – or powder coated – which will protect it for years down the track. If you live in a rural setting where your box trailer will get a beating once it’s put into use, or if you live near the sea where salty air can corrode a trailer, then it’s recommended that you get your box trailer galvanised or buy one pre-galvanised. 

How Do I Find Out My Vehicle’s Towing Capacity?

European cars including large sedans and smaller vehicles will have particular towing capacities. Even if you have a different kind of vehicle, such as a ute, 4WD or Australian made sedan, you should do your due diligence and check your vehicle handbook to find out what the towing capacity is before you look at buying box trailers for sale. It will probably be in your glove box, or it may have been handed to you as part of a pack when you first bought the car. If you purchased your car second hand, you may not have access to a handbook. In this case, you might need to get in touch with your state’s licence issuer or car mutual body. 

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