How To Know When To Replace Your Motorcycle Gear

Your gear takes a beating on demanding trails and long road trips. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a daily rider, look for these signs that it’s time to retire your favorite gear. Motorcycle jackets, helmets, batteries and other gear all have limited lifetimes, so keep your items ready for the road to stay safe and comfortable.

Helmets should be replaced approximately every seven years. Always check with your helmet manufacturer before continuing to wear your helmet, as some are only rated to five years of use. Some can hold up longer than seven years, but the padding, protective coating, glues and other features tend to break down after this period.

As long as you take care of leather and fabric gear, you can expect a long lifetime. Unfortunately, dried, cracked, torn or otherwise damaged gear may not keep you comfortable or protected. Your biker gloves aren’t going to be much use if the knuckle and palm padding is frayed and cracked. Replace these items when they start to feel loose, worn-out or uncomfortable.

Signs You Need To Replace Your Motorcycle Batteries

A dead motorcycle battery can leave you stranded on the side of the road. Just like an oil change and a new air filter, a new battery is an essential maintenance step to keep your bike running. Here are some common signs that it may be time to trade in that worn-out battery:

  • Fading lights and horn
  • Starting issues
  • Improper multimeter readings
  • Expired battery

Most batteries only have about a four-year lifetime. If you’ve been riding for more than four years, it’s a good idea to have your battery tested. An improper multimeter reading means it’s time to safely recycle and replace it. Shop online for batteries and other motorcycle parts on sale.

Keep an eye on your oil, air filter and tires. These are other common maintenance components that need to be replaced promptly in order to prevent dangerous riding situations or costly engine damage. Balding tires are a great way to slide off the road or take a tumble on a two track, so keep up with this maintenance task.

Check your light bulbs before you head out on a ride in low-light conditions. Headlights, brake lights and turn signals all have bulbs that burn out after hundreds of hours of use. Order replacement bulbs for an easy maintenance task that keeps you safe and legal on the road.

Best Online Stores for Motorcycle Replacement Gear

Shop at a store that offers great shipping rates, a wide range of brands and a dedication to all things two wheeled. A specialized motorcycle online store that offers all the latest brands gives you the confidence you need to compare prices, customer reviews and other features before making a purchase.

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