How to Tune Up Your Car with the Right Rims and Tyres

Improving the performance of your car can be done easily. All it takes is a tune-up of its rims and tyres. It drastically improves the handling, which in turn improves the overall performance of the vehicle.

With a hike in the independent auto repair shops and aftermarket auto repairs, it is easy to tune up your car and increase its life cycle. 

Here are the changes that can add more power to your vehicle and improve its performance on the roads. 

Width and Size of the Tyre

There are various calculations involved to set the size of the tyre for a car. As tyres are an essential part of the suspension system, select the correct rims and tyres having good quality standards.

If you want to add a wider tyre to your car, go for a wider rim or wheel. Use a wider rim if it fits under the vehicle. There are chances for the rim to hit something on the suspension unless you go for a wheel which has more offset.

A wider tyre increases the percentage of tread on the road and increases the stability of the vehicle. 

Tread Design

The tread design of the tyre is an important factor. It makes a difference in the way the tyres grip the ground, especially for performance cars. 

When you are confused about the design, talk to the dealer about various options available in tread designs and how it affects the car you drive.

Tread designs change the way the car handles. You do not have to go for any exotic designs if it is a street driven car. 

But always be mindful when it comes to performance cars. The width of the rims and tyres increases the tyre’s contact path, and it also affects the way tyres handle corners. It also improves the stopping distance when the brakes are applied.

If you are concerned about the wet weather performance, you can go for a suitable tread design. There are chances of hydroplaning on water if the tire tread is very shallow, making it difficult to handle.

Replace Tyres

Sometimes owners forgo tyre changes mainly because there is a notion that the tyres are usable for years just because they passed the local inspection. Another reason is you may think there is still the right amount of tread left to manage.

Remember to always inspect your car’s tyres at 50,000 miles of use or a maximum of five years of use. As tyres are the most exposed part of your car, there is high wear and tear. It can undergo chemical changes as it is exposed to the sun, heat, and other external elements that can easily cause bubbling, uneven wear, and warping.

If there are cracks on the walls of the tyres or if they are close to treading indicators, then change the tyres as soon as possible.

If your car should perform well and to its highest ability, you have to make sure to tune it up and keep it in the best condition. And a good place you can start is the car’s rims and tyres.