How to Wear Streetwear like a Grown Up

A lot of people would love to wear streetwear, but not everyone can pull it off. Things become even more complicated once you get older. Streetwear caters principally to people under the age of 30, and if you’re getting older, there are a lot of things you can’t get away with wearing anymore. There are some items, however, that could end up looking better on you as you grow into your frame. Let’s take a look at a few streetwear fashion tips for older men.

Get a Bomber Jacket

No streetwear closet would be complete without a bomber jacket. It is a perfect piece no matter the age but especially so if you’re in your 30s and 40s. If you’re just getting started with streetwear, a bomber jacket is very easy to pair and will work with virtually anything, whether it is a pair of distressed denim, chinos, or tapered sweatpants. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors either.

Mix Street with High End

As you get older, you also want to look more sophisticated, and you’ll need to learn how to pair high-end pieces with streetwear. You have to choose the right brands though since certain brands are more streetwear friendly than others. Burberry is a perfect example. Many people associate Burberry with the classic British style, but they’ve made a lot of strides in the streetwear world lately and are even seen as an unofficial street brand by some. If you want to see what Burberry has to offer, stores like SSENSE have a wide selection. They have Burberry accessories like belt bags, phone pouches, and even keychains. They also have staples such as underwear, graphic tees, and hoodies.

Substitute Hoodies for Sweatshirts

Unless you look very young in the face, it’s often hard to pull off the hoodie look when you’re older. You might get away with it if you go for something more athletic, in a finer fabric, or form-fitting, but chances are the hoodies you were wearing in your 20s will look odd on you now. However, there’s a perfect alternative: sweatshirts. These will go perfect with a bomber jacket or on their own and will give you the same comfort and roughly the same look. Look for high-quality pieces and don’t be afraid to look at different fabrics, such as wool blends for instance.

Sweat Pants are Still in

One thing you don’t have to give up, however, is sweats. As long as you choose the right cut, tone, and quality, they can work perfectly in an older man’s closet.

Boots or Sneakers?

You shouldn’t be afraid of looking like a grown-up. Chelsea boots with streetwear might not sound like a great mix but it can definitely work with a nice pair of distressed denim and a motorcycle jacket. Don’t hesitate to mix classic items with streetwear and don’t be stuck on sneakers.

This is all you need to know to nail the streetwear look if you’re older. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but know your limits.