In New Jersey —Checklist to Follow After a Slip And Fall Accident

Going into someone else’s property and ending up getting injured is the last thing anyone would dream of. Statistics show that over one million people seek medical assistance for injuries and pain resulting from a slip and fall accident. Another shocking reveal shows over 17,000 people die annually due to fatal injuries from slip and fall accidents. 

With such alarming numbers, it is vital to understand what to do when you end up in a similar situation. If you get into a slip-and-fall accident, you should speak to a New Jersey injury lawyers at Sattiraju & Tharney, LLP.  Having a legal representative will ensure you get compensation for the other person’s negligence. 

What should you do after a slip and fall accident?

Here is a checklist to follow. 

  1. Try to stay calm after the accident. 

Unless you are in an emergency, it is evident that you will be confused about what to do next. Following the accident, try to remain calm. 

  1. Take pictures of the surroundings. 

Whether it was a wet floor or uneven flooring, you should click pictures of the surroundings of the accident. This will help in establishing the cause of injury. In case you are aware of what caused the slip and fall accident, you should click pictures and videos of the same. 

  1. Seek medical assistance as soon as possible. 

Even though major injuries will show up right away, a lot of time, injuries from the accident do not show up even after weeks of the accident. Therefore, you should always get it checked by a doctor. In case there are any injuries, your doctor will help you in overcoming them before it gets worse. From a legal point of view, seeking medical assistance also helps in establishing that your injuries resulted from your slip and fall. However, if you do not visit a doctor, it can be difficult to prove your injuries when you are filing compensation. 

  1. Take witness information. 

There will be other people during the accident who saw you falling. If you notice people around, try to take their contact information and details. When you file for a claim, they can be a credible witness, and this will serve as evidence for your claim. 

  1. Speak to a lawyer. 

Pursuing your claim independently can be difficult. A legal representation can help you ensure you get maximum compensation for all the injuries you suffered. Besides injuries, the lawyer will also make sure you get compensation for your pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, loss of income, and other incurred losses and expenses. 

Why is it important to speak to a personal injury lawyer?

Even though you feel you can handle the claim independently, you should avoid rushing without speaking to a lawyer. You have a limited time, usually 2 years from the day of your accident, to seek compensation. Your lawyer will: 

  • Collect evidence 
  • Prove negligence and injuries 
  • Speak to the insurance company on your behalf
  • Negotiate with the insurance company 
  • Represent you during the trial.