Online Truck Sales: The New Normal in the Trucking Community

The road freight industry has always been an essential component of the economy. It provides a reliable, convenient, fast, and affordable way to transport non-bulk goods across the country. It is a better option than rail, water, or air freight services. In fact, it is responsible for almost 80% of the total revenue generated by the combined freight transportation sector. 

The past five years have seen steady growth in the truck dealer industry. With the ongoing global pandemic, people are leaning even more on delivery services. Truck sales are expected to increase further as demand for merchandise transport continues to rise. 

As more trucks are needed on the road, dealers find more ways to sell them. An ongoing trend in the truck dealer sector is the digital market. Individual entrepreneurs and businesses can bid on trucks online and get the benefits of better customer experience.

Virtual and In-person Inspections

The trucking community is quick to embrace the advantages offered by digital technology. Virtual vehicle inspection is just one of those many advantages. With this capability, you can check the vehicle without being physically present in the dealer’s shop. This saves valuable time and costs requisite to going to and from dealers. What is more, it helps you stay safe during the pandemic by reducing your exposure outdoors.

You can schedule an appointment based on your availability and do not have to worry about moving the vehicle to a specific location. Most people in the trucking community already know what to look for when inspecting a vehicle, but the comprehensive vehicle inspection sheet will cover virtually all points of concern. There are also training modules on virtual vehicle inspection available online for your reference. 

If you prefer to touch and feel the vehicle as you inspect it, you can still examine the truck in person. Virtually all dealers have provision for either mode of inspection to serve the most number of customers. They also offer road directions and updated health information to make sure that you don’t run into any hassles on your way to the dealer.  

Access to More Stores

With the increasing popularity of online truck sales, you can now browse through the list of vehicles offered by dealers from all over the country. In addition, you can easily do this without leaving the comfort and safety of your home or office. This means you would be able to instantly compare prices and see more packages from sellers, allowing you to choose the best deal.

Easy Access to More Brands

Aside from having access to all dealers nationwide, online dealers offer access to more brands. You can easily locate specific makes or models without wasting time making phone calls to every dealer in the market. This is really helpful if the truck you want is hard to find. It is also more conducive to price transparency as you can compare the cost of the same truck from different dealers.

Interstate Contactless Delivery

As the vaccine for COVID-19 remains elusive, it is important for both businesses and consumers to learn to live with the virus. Contactless delivery is an important step in this direction. In an effort to keep customers safe, dealers now also offer contactless truck sales and delivery. This feature allows you to choose a specific make or model of truck from any dealer in the country and not have to worry about how to claim it.