Polar Lights Yellow Green Lenses From TTDeye: An Honest Opinion

Well, hello there, lovely readers! Hope you’re having a great day ahead and also since we’ll be talking on the topic of coloured lenses, I want to ask you all, have you ever tried coloured lenses?

I’m sure most of you would say no, but those who have experienced will instantly know what I’m referring to. There’s no denying that coloured contacts can simply be amazing because the ability to change your eye colour in just a brief moment feels entirely fascinating for me.

The Search Goes On & On

However, as much as I love to try new coloured lenses once in a while, I always want to wear something that looks more natural and different than what the current lens industry is offering nowadays. So, last month, I decided to browse some other places, generally varying from what I usually do – just to find some exciting pair of coloured contacts and then only I stumbled on to this brand known as TTDeye – when browsing through one of my BFFs’ Instagram photos.

The lenses that she was wearing looked incredibly stunning, absolutely cute and insanely natural, so I did the inevitable. I went on to the TTDeye’s website and thereby proceeded to order a pair for myself. The colour I chose was the Polar Lights Yellow-Green Lens. Since I had already worn a fair bit of coloured contacts in the past, I instantly knew that this is going to be a fun venture nonetheless.

The Ordering Process

I should be mentioning this that TTDeye offers free worldwide shipping, which is indeed a bonus to have because of the increasing shipping costs everywhere. My total cart value came to around $27 (or approximately 20 Euros, if you put it that way). This is because the lenses were on sale during that time – which was a double bonus for me – besides the zero shipping costs.

TTDeye’s website was straightforward to manoeuvre, and each item was correctly seated in its own section. At no point of time, I was confused when browsing the website because most of the time I find websites of such unknown companies tend to be non-responsive and perplexing to browse through – which was certainly not the case with TTDeye.

Now, enough of my order details and let’s discuss the product itself in the next section.

A Perfect Happy Moment

Within the next couple of weeks, my pair of lenses arrived at my doorstep. Inside the package, I received my lenses along with the lens holder. I also received a case for the lens holder – which is indeed helpful because it keeps the holder in place without moving much around. Furthermore, I also got supplied with some spatula and tweezers for lifting the lenses from the primary packaging to the lens holder in a safe manner.

The process was indeed very seamless, and it was nice for TTDeye to provide the extras as it indeed makes the buying experience better. I have to agree that the packaging was too cute, to begin with, and each accessory was included for a specific reason – meaning that there were no environmental wastes, to start with.

If you have a prescription, then you can select the correct dioptre for your lenses. In case you don’t have a prescription, you can simply choose 0.00 for each eye. Remember that TTDeye sells both prescription and non-prescription lenses.

A Beautiful Encounter

Onto the lenses itself, the colour I selected was the Polar Lights Yellow Green. These lenses featured an exciting combination of golden yellow along with pale green. Due to both of those colours, the overall tone gave an entire lightened look to the lenses. There was no way I was going to wait any longer and therefore decided to give it a whirl.

If you’re new at wearing contact lenses, then you should know that a process like this will take time for you and a bit of practice. But, since I had already experienced coloured lenses in the past, this was smooth sailing for me. Once they were on my eyes, I never felt a thing. The only time I got reminded of my lenses was when I looked into the mirror and the reaction I got from my loved ones.

I was (still am) in absolute love with the results and what these lenses provided to my eyes. They offered a bright-eyed, natural & look to my eyes – which I’ve got to say – indeed impressed me the most. Moreover, since I’m an Asian, the colour tone was truly flattering, to say the least.

It should be noted that the diameter of these lenses was a bit smaller for my liking – yet they were very comfortable to wear – which matters the most in this case. I generally wear my lenses for a few hours of the day, and if I need to wear them more, I always carry eye-drops along with me – to keep my eyes moisturised. Therefore, I’m not too worried about my eyes getting dried up faster.

What I absolutely loved was the addition of the yellow colour tone mixed with the green – offering a gorgeous finish. I honestly feel terrific, and I’m glad that the money I put into these were not at all wasted. Aside from that, with proper care, these lenses can last you at least a year, and since I’ll be using them on a daily basis, they’re definitely worth the investment for me.

Signing Off

Phew! This was indeed a lengthy TTDEYE color contacts review to write, but I’m happy that I was able to share my original opinions with all you guys. In case you’re planning to buy one for yourself, I’d highly suggest heading over to the website of TTDeye (a simple Google search should guide you) and order something that you like.

I’m sure you’ll find something of your liking. As for me, I’ll be enjoying these in the meantime. Ciao!

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