Read This Before You Buy Protein Powder

A solid workout regime can help you achieve your ultimate body goals. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to accomplish this if you do not equally prioritize your food habits.

There are many ways to provide your body with the required protein and other essential nutrients. Here’s one easy way— buy protein powder, shake it and gulp it down.

These supplements have become ingrained in the fitness culture. So, it’s no wonder that there are a lot of questions around them. 

To help you through all the confusion, this guide will offer you the insights necessary to make an informed decision.

Should I Buy Protein Powder?

Yes. It is okay to buy and use protein supplements as long as it is from a reputed manufacturer. Plus, it would be best to consume them as per your nutrition coach’s advice.

An established athlete may not have the same workout routine as a weekend gym aspirant. However, they can share a similar routine when it comes it supplements since they provide the body with all the necessary protein. 

It is because protein is essential no matter the type of workout. Muscles get damaged during workouts and strength training. Proteins are essential to repair and rebuild your muscles. They make the muscles bigger, leaner, and stronger.

Further, according to research, protein can aid in reducing body fat in addition to building muscles. It also helps you maintain your weight and prevent you from gaining weight over time.

Is Protein Powder Safe to Consume?

Protein powders are safe when consumed in the correct quantity. However, it can cause harmful side effects if you gulp down bottles of shakes without following a professional’s advice.

Many reputed manufacturers also send their product batches for third-party lab testing. Additionally, the results will be available on the company’s official site. This will help you get a better picture of the product formulation’s safety and transparency.

Further, the Department of Health regulates dietary supplements. Manufacturers are held responsible for their products’ effectiveness, safety, and labelling. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the presence of any harmful ingredients in the protein powder formulation.

Tackling Common Misconceptions About Protein Powder

Protein powder is a mix of several ingredients. It primarily contains protein and a blend of additives, sweeteners, and energy-boosting ingredients. 

Research shows that none of these ingredients is harmful to human health in any way. Yet, it is pretty common to see misinformation about protein shakes floating around. 

Here’s a look at the common misconceptions about protein powder.

  • Kidney Function Myth: Many people fear that protein powders affect their kidneys. However, consuming protein powder when your kidneys are healthy does not negatively affect it.
  • Liver Damage Myth: Similarly, many people believe that protein powder can damage their liver. On the contrary, protein prevents the build-up of fat which damages the liver cells.
  • Bone Harming Myth: This myth is rooted in the outdated idea that protein reduces the calcium level. However, recent research proves high protein diet boosts bone health.

Final Mix

Achieving your ultimate body goal is definitely not the easiest thing to do. Hence, it is crucial to put in your all at the gym day in, day out.

Most importantly, you should prioritize what you eat and fill your stomach with healthy vitamins, fibre, minerals, and proteins.

If you are sceptical about a particular protein powder’s safety, you can check its ingredient list. Then, you can talk to your physician about the ingredients. Better yet, purchase from a transparent and highly-reputed manufacturer.