Summer Wardrobe Essential for Men in 2023

Summer Wardrobe Essential for Men in 2023

Every new season we upgrade our wardrobe – and summer might be the most difficult season to dress for. Of course, you won’t be layering clothes – and you will also want to look your best every day – be it at the office or when you are leaving for summer vacation.

Nonetheless, there is no need to freak out. Here are some proven methods that will look good on you this warm season.

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Camp Shirts

Usually, men tend to gravitate towards Hawaiian shirts in the summer, but if you are tired of these, you have another great option – a camp shirt. We recommend adding a couple of splashy camp shirts to your summer wardrobe to up your dressing game.


If you are going on a vacation, you wouldn’t want to be wearing jeans – instead – you will want to pair your camp shirts with the perfect pair of jorts. Baggy jorts look good, and you will exude a laid-back vibe with the right accessories.

For beach days, you will want to stay protected with UPF 50+ bucket hats for men and kill two birds with one stone – look stylish and stay protected from damaging UV rays. It is important to mention here that you wouldn’t want to opt for skinny jorts – as these can be the ultimate fashion flop.

Always opt for baggy jorts; you will feel great in your skin. The same rule applies to cargo shorts – always opt for baggy ones.


You will be dressing up for the office, and you will also be taking your girl out to dinner – when the occasion is fancy or professional, you can pull it off with a pair of great loafers. Loafers are the ultimate workhorse shoes – they can do it all.

You can even wear them on fancy beach hangouts apart from fancy restaurants – the sleek and classy loafers will adjust to any situation.


You will want to have a couple of sunglasses for different reasons – firstly, they protect your eyes from damaging UV rays. Another reason is that a classy pair of sunglasses can elevate your summer look and take things up a notch higher.

You can pair the sunglasses with tees and wear them with a tie and collar shirt. However, when choosing sunglasses, you will want to ensure that they suit your face shape. Geometric sunglasses and aviator sunglasses are the absolute must-haves for men.


There is absolutely nothing better than a pair of white sneakers. It doesn’t matter whether you choose canvas sneakers or white air force 1 – you can pull off white sneakers with nearly everything, including comfy summer loungewear, jeans, and cargo shorts.

However, to look classy, you will want to avoid wearing white sneakers with white pants, as this will make you look like you are coming straight from a sanitation commercial. Also, the best way to wear white sneakers and loafers is to wear them with low-cut or no-show socks.

More importantly, you will want to keep your white sneakers super clean.