The Important Role of Vitamin K2 in Your Body

Vitamin K is famous for its blood clotting ability. However, lesser-known vitamin K2 plays a more critical role in keeping your bone and heart healthy.

You can get vitamin K2 by eating fermented food or animal products. Meats, especially the liver, beef, chicken, ham, and bacon, are rich in this vitamin. Vegetarian’s only source for this vitamin is natto, the fermented soybeans, a traditional Japanese food.

If you don’t eat meat, you can order Vitamin k2 online as a dietary supplement to get enough of it.

Vitamin K2 and its benefits

Vitamin K2 switches on the process of nutrients in your bones or blood vessels. It activates Matrix Gla-protein in blood vessels that remove calcium from it. This process keeps the heart healthy by preventing calcification of blood vessels that causes heart disease.

Moreover, this vitamin activates a bone-forming protein called osteocalcin. It is a vital nutrient for bone health as it aids your bones in extracting calcium from your blood vessels, turning it into bone tissue.

How does vitamin K2 affect vitamin D and calcium?

Calcium acts as your bone tissue’s main building block. It is also needed in other functions of your body, and if your body does not have enough calcium, your body will get this nutrient from your bones. Thus, it will lead to health conditions, such as osteoporosis, because of calcium deficiency.

On the other hand, vitamin D helps your body to absorb and utilise calcium. Moreover, it keeps our body from drawing calcium from your bones when you are getting enough calcium from your diet.

Vitamin K2 steps in once you have consumed too much calcium. Having too much calcium and vitamin D has helped your body absorb all of it, your body will have too much calcium flowing in your bloodstream. Vitamin K2 will aid your bone in getting this calcium from your bloodstream and deliver it to your bone tissue.

How does vitamin K2 keep your heart healthy?

Vitamin K2 keeps your heart healthy by keeping calcium from building up in your arteries. When plaques that are partly made of calcium build up inside your arteries, it develops atherosclerosis. These plaques could form a blockage in your blood vessels.

If this blockage happens in an artery that delivers blood to the heart, it will cause a heart attack. Vitamin K2 switches in a protein that takes the calcium away from your blood vessel. Enough vitamin K2 intake can lessen the risk of heart disease.

How much vitamin K2 does your body need?

While there is no formal recommendation of how much vitamin K2 your body needs, a study says that your body needs at least 28.5 micrograms of this nutrient every day. It also shows that those who consume more may be healthier. The study also shows that consuming more than 32.7 micrograms decreases the risk of having cardiovascular disease.

Whether you love meat and meat products or a vegetarian, you must make sure that you have enough vitamin K2 in your body by taking supplements. You can order Vitamin k2 online to make sure that you are consuming enough nutrients regardless of your diet.

It is not ideal to have bone and heart disease, but you can always prevent it by consuming the right nutrients your body needs.

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