What are the most popular window tinting manufactures?

No one wants to settle for second best on anything so how can you think differently when it comes to car window tinting? A top-quality automotive window tint film can augment another dimension to your driving experience with regards to the comfort and appearance of the car. But, with dozens of different brands and films to select from, how do you know which are the most renowned window tinting manufacturers?

The reality is, there isn’t a whole lot which differentiates the very best window tints made by the best window tint manufacturing companies. Unless you need something specific or have a limited budget for the tint, you can never go wrong with any of these premium window tint brands:


3M is the most known and oldest tint manufacturing company in the US. In fact, it was 3M which patented this technology in the year 1966 that later came into existence as window tint film. 3M car window tints are long-lasting, maintenance free and are made to last. The films sold and installed by 3M authorized stores and installers come with most complete warranties you can get. Some of the 3M window tints include Color stable series, Ceramic series and Crystalline series.

Prestige Film Technologies

Prestige Film Technologies is known for mounting taps, UV clear thin tints, multiple layer ceramic capacitors and other specialty items being manufactured over 30 years. With its name as a specialty coating and thin film producer, Prestige Film Technologies has the expertise, structure and experience to create the finest car window tint across the world. They offer the best of the best window tints and two of them are Spectra PhotoSync and Ceraluxe Quantum Ceramic.


SunTek is a pioneer and maverick in the production of window tint film. A technical team of chemists and engineers have come with several inventive and proprietary technology exclusively available for those who buy SunTek window tint. It also offers several types of car window films for customers with several budget options, requirements and preferences. Some of the famous and top rated window tint from SunTek are Carbon, CarbonXP and CeramicIR.


One of the largest window film manufacturers in the world, Llumar offers different types of window tint films recommended for car owners who need aesthetics, heat rejection, protection from ultraviolet rays and safety against window scratches. Expertly installed LLumar film comes with a lifetime warranty. Some of the best automotive window tint films from LLumar are ATR, CTX, FormularOne Series.

Huper Optik

The tint of Huper Optik features patented, innovative nano technology which offers higher comfort and fade resistance properties. The window tint comes with a classic European look which makes it a popular option for owners with European cars such as BMW, Jaguar and Porsche. Select Series and Ceramic Series are the two premium window tint films from Huper Optik.

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