What is the purpose of roof boxes?

Roof boxes are box-like structure built on cars. The purpose of using roof boxes is to carry bulky objects like luggage, carriers, containers, skis, canoes, bicycles, etc. Roof boxes can be of varied sizes. However, cargo roof boxes that are too large can be avoided to get a better experience on the road. It may lead to give a headache and end up providing a horrible experience while on a drive. 

Roof boxes can also be called luggage boxes, top boxes and roof pods. The roof boxes enable to enlarge the capacity of a car to carry more luggage. These roof boxes are safe for luggage that is being carried. They are lockable, waterproof, does not require ropes or tarps to load the luggage securely. 

Roof boxes are placed on top of the cars or trucks for carrying luggage or other items safely from one place to another. However, they can at times be noisy or very loud. 

What are the features of Roof Boxes in a car?

  • A roof box is a significant method to increase the luggage capacity of a car.
  • They increase the capacity to carry luggage, saving the cost of booking another car for the luggage.
  • The prices of roof boxes are affordable. The small roof boxes start from around £120. However, the larger boxes may range up to £600. Roof boxes within this range can be bought from a quality manufacturer. 
  • Placing a roof box on a car may have an impact on the road holding capacity.
  • Roof boxes are rigid and stronger compared to plastic boxes.

How safe are roof boxes?

Using roof boxes are safe. At the time of their manufacturing, rough terrains and high speed are taken into consideration. The shape of the roof boxes is aerodynamic, which contributes to cutting through the air. It helps in reducing the drag which vehicles might face while on the road.

Which roof boxes are best to be used?

The following are some roof boxes that are best suitable to be used by cars.

  • Kamei 510
  • Hapro Traxer 6.6 HP25908
  • Exodus 470L
  • Calix 430
  • Thule Ranger 90

If a tour is being planned, you will want all your luggage to be hauled. Therefore, while planning a trip or going for a campaign, roof boxes can be the best option. It will help store the luggage to be carried or similar other items at the top of the car or vehicle.

There are many cargo roof boxes available and choosing the right one is very important while travelling.

Why should you buy roof boxes?

The investments made on roof boxes are worth it because of the following reasons:

  • They are responsible for increasing the capacity of carrying luggage.
  • They are a good option for campaign equipment.
  • Roof boxes contribute to secure and safe loading of the luggage that is required to be carried.
  • Variation in price ranges and size is available for the roof boxes.
  • For reducing drags while on the road, roof boxes are designed with aerodynamic features.

It is time you choose the perfect roof box for your car and buy it before your next road trip!

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