What Should you do if you Feel Sleepy When Driving?


Whether for the reason of weather or not having enough sleeping time, we will feel sleepy. This is a very troublesome thing for drivers. If the driver can not focus, it is very easy to have a car accident. Here we will discuss 6 methods to deal with the sleepy problem when driving.

  1. Drink coffee

When it comes to preventing sleepiness, most people may think of drinking coffee and other refreshing drinks. It is indeed a method to keep us sober. Coffee contains caffeine, which can eliminate fatigue and excite people. In addition to caffeine, Red Bull contains vitamin B, which can also refresh our brain. However, we can not drink coffee with an empty stomach. Otherwise it will increase the burden on our heart, causing physical discomfort. What’s more, Red Bull is not effective for everyone. It is also very diuretic.

  1. Drink freshly strong tea

Tea also contains caffeine. When we make tea, the caffeine in the tea leave will dissolve in the water. So the tea will have a clear refreshing effect. But after a period of time, the tannic acid in the tea will dissolve slowly, which will offset the effect of caffeine. At this time, drinking tea will not be refreshing, so it is recommended that if you want to drink tea to prevent sleepiness, you must drink freshly brewed tea. However, this method also varies from person to person. Furthermore, drinking too much tea will cause insomnia. People are unable to sleep at night.

  1. Use an electric massage car seat

With the development of automotive technology, car seats have evolved from a simple component to a component that is more complex and more precise. The gradual extension of the functions of the car seat is not limited to providing a good driving and riding posture. In high-end cars, designers have given the car seat a massage and ventilation function to meet the growing needs of consumers.

If your car does not have one, you can install it by yourself. There is a pneumatic device inside the seat. The air pressure is provided by the air pump of the engine compartment. There are four or more air pressure chambers in the seat back to protect the lumbar vertebrae. At the same time, these air pressure chambers are controlled by a computer-controlled electronic oscillator mounted in the backrest. The electronic oscillator changes the pressure in the air pressure chamber according to a pre-programmed procedure, so that the seat surface moves with it to achieve massage for the driver and passenger. The functions of electric massage seats from different suppliers are not the same. For example, the electric massage seat from Changyi can runs regularly to keep you sober. You can set the time interval of the massage function. Furthermore, there is a seat cushion heating to keep you cool.

  1. Wash face with cool/cold water

Washing your face with cool/cold water can effectively avoid sleepiness. It is also one of the methods people often use. Prepare a bottle of frozen water before driving. When you are sleepy, you can put the water bottle on your forehead or face to stimulate your nerves. You can also wash your face with ice water in the bottle to achieve the same effect.

  1. The temperature inside the car can not be too high

In addition to hot weather, non-circulating air is also one of the important causes for feeling sleepy. Everyone knows that if you do not open the window when driving, the car inside is relatively closed. As a result, the oxygen in the air will be slowly consumed. If you do not open the window for a long time, there may be slight lack of oxygen. This is the main reason why people in the car feel sleepy.

In addition, the temperature inside the car also has an effect on the mental condition of a person. If the temperature inside the car is relatively high, people are more likely to be sleepy. Therefore, it is recommended to cool the air conditioner slightly in a hot weather, which is helpful for refreshing.

  1. Listen to music with strong rhythm

Listening to music with a strong sense of rhythm can stimulate people’s hearing and prevent drowsiness properly. So you can prepare some of these music and listen to them while driving. However, everyone feels different about music. For example, some people like rock music while driving, and some is more excited about Hip-Hop concerts. When choosing music, it varies from person to person. Find the kinds of music that excite you. On the contrary, it is not recommended to listen to soothing music when driving.

In fact, the most effective way is to get enough rest. If you are too busy at work and have no time to rest, you can also try these methods below. But if you are so sleepy that you can not open your eyes, park your car in a safe place and take a proper rest for a while.

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