What You Should And Shouldn’t Have Dry Cleaned

Your wardrobe is an essential component of your daily life. While adding to your wardrobe is always fun and exciting, it also means you’ve got to learn how to care for this new piece of clothing. Most clothing hashtags that offer care instructions. Some items may be hand wash only, dry clean, or dry clean only. Seeing those words on a clothing tag can leave you searching for “dry cleaners near me.” Dry cleaning services can make your life much easier. 

Many great dry cleaners near me also offer a convenient wash and fold service for those clothes that can’t be dry cleaned. This at least gives you the option to skip doing laundry altogether if it’s not your strong suit. Even if you do wash most of your own clothing, it can be difficult to understand what materials should and should not be dry cleaned. Over time, tags with care instructions can come off or fade away, leaving you to guess how to best care for your garment. Here’s a handy guide to help you understand what should and should not be dry cleaned. 

Professional Care Materials

Professional suits and business wear almost always need to be dry cleaned. They are often made of upscale fabrics which cannot safely be washed at home. If you’ve finally purchased that gorgeous chiffon dress you’ve had your eye on, it will also need special care. To stretch the life and luster of your dress, keep it away from dirt and water. You’ll also need to leave its care to the professionals at the dry cleaners near me. 

Silk is another delicate fabric that should be dry-cleaned to preserve its integrity. Leather clothing, like jackets and skirts, also require professional care. They’ll have to go to the dry cleaners when it’s time for a wash. Most wool fabrics and anything velvet will require expert care to keep clean as they can’t be washed safely at home. 

Home Wash Materials

Popular fabrics like cotton and denim are typically safe to wash at home, following the care instructions on the tag. Polyester, nylon, and other synthetic fabrics can also be laundered on the gentle cycle to prevent damage. They are often washed in warm water and hung dry to prevent the fabric from permanently wrinkling.

Most people have a few lavish pieces that can be either dry-cleaned or laundered at home. For instance, cashmere and cashmere blend fabrics require gentle hand washing for best results. These pieces typically lay flat or hang dry. 

Partner with the Best dry Cleaners Near Me

Now that you know which pieces in your wardrobe require professional care, you can partner with the best dry cleaners near me. Wash denim and cotton fabrics at home along with polyester, nylon, and synthetic blends. Other pieces should probably go to the dry cleaners. Fabrics like silk, velvet, chiffon, wool, and leather should be taken to the professionals at the best dry cleaners near me. There are always those special pieces like the blouse with suede detail that may require special attention. When you aren’t sure how to care for a piece, you can always ask the professionals at the best dry cleaners near me.