Why You Should Consider Settling Down In Asia

Baby boomers are keen to maintain a healthy and active life. To achieve this, many are investing in anti-aging products. As a business person in the healthcare industry, this is a demographic you cannot afford to ignore because the older generation is willing to spend anything to look younger. Even though the number of baby boomers is pretty high in America today, business people should keep an eye out for Asia. According to Forbes, the elderly population in Asia will exponentially grow in the next 10 years.

Why is the older generation so keep on settling in Asia? What has the continent got to offer that’s so unique and appealing? The content has more than 45 countries to choose from, so where should one begin? Japan, South Korea, China, Indonesia, and India are not the only options to choose from.

Here are the reasons why you should consider settling down in Asia whether you’re a Baby Boomer or not.

Food is Cheap

This might seem like an invalid reason to move to Asia but how much food costs greatly impact an individual’s livelihood. The cost of food has a huge contribution to a place’s cost of living. Settling down in Asia allows you to lead a healthy lifestyle without having to spend too much.

Living in the United States or the U.K is expensive mainly because of how much food costs. Food and drink is a significant aspect because it’s part of an individual’s daily life.

Look at this way, you can hardly meet someone without factoring in food and drinks. Even if you choose to stay indoors, you’re going to need to eat.

Asia Give you Easy Access to the Rest of the World

If you love to travel, Asia is the perfect place to build your home because it gives you easy access to the rest of the world. When building a home, ensure you use sustainable lumber because it guarantees that your home will last for years.

The public transport in Asia is quite dependable. You don’t have to book a flight each time you want to travel long distances.

It’s the Excellent Place for Networking

As a business person, Asia is an ideal destination for settling down. After all, it’s always easier to meet new people when you’re in a new place. Unlike when you’re back home, being in a foreign land pushes you out of your comfort zone.

There is a huge community of entrepreneurs in Asia that’s always looking to make more additions to its circles.

In Asia, every day is an Adventure

Can you imagine living in a place where elephants walk leisurely down the street? Mind-blowing! In Asia, each day brings a new adventure for you to experience. Settling down in Asia allows you to live life on the edge every day. If you ask me, I wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, life is fleeting and you’ve got to grab the bull by its horns every chance you get.

Living Away From Home Forces you to think outside the Box

Moving to a different content is the push you need to discover your potential. Settling in Asia will force you to think outside the box. If you’re a business person, abandoning your blind routine for a deliberate one guarantees success.

But Before You Go

Before you jump the boat and settle down in Asia, you need to have a financial/career plan in place – especially if you want to earn some money whilst you’re there. Take China for example.

In China, you must have a Chinese Work Permit and a Residence Permit to legally work there. Plus, landing a China Work Visa (Z Visa) isn’t as simple as you might imagine! So plan before you travel – and figure out your work situation in advance.


As you can see, settle in Asia has many advantages. If you’ve been looking to move abroad, you should seriously consider Asia. Not only is the food inexpensive, you also get to experience new adventures each day. Whether you’re a Baby Boomer or a Millennial, Asia is ideal for settling down.

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