The Significance Of Engagement Rings

An engagement ring has been a part of the custom for a long time now. It marks the beginning of a blissful and pure beginning. Have you ever wondered how the tradition of exchanging rings started?

If not, this article will help you learn about the history and significance of the engagement rings and other fantastic information. So, buckle down and keep reading.

History of Engagement Rings

The history of engagement rings is fascinating—what one now considers a symbol of love was previously merely a mark of ownership.

Like so many other modern traditions, an engagement ring has its origins in Ancient Rome. It is one of the earliest documented records of exchanging a metal wedding ring. During this time, the men gave their brides a call made of gold if they could afford it. Otherwise, they gave rings made of metals like iron.

According to the Gemological Institute of America, Roman women used to wear ivory, flint, copper, and iron rings ” to signify a contract or to acknowledge mutual love and obedience. ” (GIA).

Slowly and gradually, rings were used in other parts of the world. The gold rings were later unearthed in the ruins of Pompeii.

It suggested that dazzling metal became the favoured choice during the common era.

Furthermore, in the 1100s, the exchange of rings at the catholic church became a custom in medieval Europe where the pope dictated the marriages. Likewise, the ring-based wedding started among the Greek orthodox in the 1300s.

The rings became a part of different cultures and eras over time. However, during the Victorian Era (the 1800s), the wedding rings in Europe and America became quite exquisite after discovering gold and other precious stones.

Indeed, the history of wedding rings is quite interesting.

When did Men start Wearing Engagement Rings?

In Ancient Rome, while brides have been wearing wedding rings, it wasn’t until much later that more than a small fraction of grooms got on board.

Until the 1940s (World War II), males did not frequently wear wedding rings.

Hence, many men fighting overseas preferred to wear wedding rings as a reassuring reminder of their wives and families back home during World War II, signalling a seismic shift.

Why Investing in Engagement Rings is a Good Option?

These rings have become a symbol of love and compassion now; it marks the beginning of a beautiful bond. Hence, it is plausible why people tend to buy the best rings.

Indeed, one cannot quantify or express love completely, but buying a precious engagement ring will undoubtedly mean how much the person means to you. You can plan wisely and buy a standard wedding ring, but you must remember that you will only accept an engagement ring for that person once. So, why not invest both your love and money properly?

Summing Up

Engagement rings are a great way to express love. They have become a beautiful custom that every person likes and wants to experience.

You now know the history, significance and why investing in wedding rings is a good option.