What Does Robyn Brown Do For A Living

what does robyn brown do for a living

In today’s era of reality television and unending digital curiosity, a name that stands out in many households is Robyn Brown. Most renowned for her involvement with the “Sister Wives” show, many fans and onlookers have pondered the question: “What does Robyn Brown do for a living?” This article endeavors to shed light on this multifaceted individual and give readers an inside look into her professional pursuits.

A Glimpse Into Reality Television

The most obvious and prevalent of Robyn’s career ventures is her participation in the reality TV series, “Sister Wives.” This show revolves around the life of Kody Brown, a polygamist, and his four wives, of which Robyn is the fourth. A massive portion of Robyn’s public persona and source of income comes from her participation in this popular series.

Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Beyond the screen, Robyn, alongside her co-wives, has dabbled in entrepreneurial endeavors. Their business, My Sisterwife’s Closet, is a boutique jewelry and fashion line. This venture has showcased Robyn’s flair for creativity and business acumen.

Robyn’s Role as an Author

Delving deeper into the Brown family’s personal lives, Robyn co-authored a memoir with Kody and her fellow wives titled “Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage.” Through this, she narrated her experiences, shedding light on the intricacies of polygamist relationships.

Personal Advocacy

Robyn’s heart has always been geared towards advocacy. She has used her platform to advocate for the decriminalization of polygamy and the destigmatization of unconventional family structures. Her endeavors in these areas are both commendable and contribute to her diverse professional portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Robyn Brown?

Robyn Brown is the fourth wife of Kody Brown, known prominently for her appearance in the reality TV series “Sister Wives.”

Is Robyn Brown involved in business ventures?

Yes, Robyn, with her co-wives, runs a boutique jewelry and fashion line named My Sisterwife’s Closet.

Has Robyn Brown written any books?

Robyn co-authored a memoir titled “Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage” with Kody and her fellow wives.

Is Robyn Brown an advocate for polygamy rights?

Indeed, Robyn has used her platform to advocate for the decriminalization of polygamy and highlight the challenges faced by families like hers.


Robyn Brown, beyond the glitz and glamour of reality TV, has shown herself to be an entrepreneur, author, and advocate. Her endeavors span across diverse fields, making her more than just a television personality. As viewers continue to be engrossed by the lives of the Brown family, it’s essential to acknowledge Robyn’s individual accomplishments and contributions to various domains.