In the dressing room – Kmart & Millers


It’s been awhile since I’ve done an ‘in the dressing room’ post, and it’s one I get asked for often. Only a quick one today, from two stores. First up is this Kmart Tunic. I saw it hanging up and loved the colours in the print. I tried on the 22 and it fit pretty perfectly. The back was black with some elastic darting to give it a bit of shape. It was $17. I didn’t buy it, but after posting the pic on instagram, I decided to go back and buy it. I have been doing good with my “non essential spending ban’, I thought I could give myself a little treat



This outfit is from Millers. I often find a piece or two I like in Millers and they usually offer some BRILLIANT SALES. Today wasn’t one of those days, sadly. I loved this knitted top on the hanger, not so much on me. These pants however = love. I’m really digging harem pants and find they suit my apple shape better then most.

Have you ever gone back into a shop half an hour later to buy something you tried on?

Melbourne Roller Derby


When I was down in Melbourne, a couple of awesome friends invited me to come along and see a Roller Derby match. I jumped at the chance. Apart from watching ‘Whip it’ years ago, I didn’t know anything really about Roller Derby. A few people I knew when I was in Adelaide had joined teams, but being such a recluse at that time, I never went to see any games.



I’m SO GLAD I went though, cause it’s pretty amazing! I didn’t really understand anything until part way through the 2nd game, even after being given a pamphlet will all the info on it. While it’s a very stop & start game, it’s also very fast paced. Sometimes I felt scared to blink in case I missed something!



The games I watched were between the Gold Lions vs WestSide Glory. Then Queen Bees vs Bloody Marys.



I don’t know how they do it. Yes, I know they get taught the right way to fall/land, but I also know I am such a big wuss that if I came down on that floor like some of those ladies did, I’d be sitting there crying. They are some strong and capable ladies!



They also have some pretty amazing names! DaClaire Da Pain, GoldiBlocks, Green Eggs & Slam, Slippery Nicholls, Mad Eye Murphy,  Carmen Attcha and, uh, Crotch Candy. Just to name a few.



Roller Derby seems to be growing in popularity, and Victoria seems to have a large following. If you have any bouts in your area, i’d really recommend you go. It’s a great night of fun, and family friendly!


And I’ll leave you with the VRDL Queen Bees doing the dance from ‘Bring it on’.

Have you been to a roller derby game before? What did you think?


If you knew me…


 You’d know…

My dream career would be either an Interior Designer, a Book jacket Designer or a Plus size Clothing designer. I’ve also always wanted to own acreage to set up a home for foster dogs needing homes.

I have a love of shoes & that I own over 100 pairs.

I’m scared of spiders, and clowns, and dentists, and tornadoes. Actually, I’m afraid of a lot of things.

That I love flowers. My favourites being big bright coloured gerberas.

I also answer to Natatree. A nickname i’ve had for over 10 years.

I LOVE stationary. You’d know that when I was in my teens & I’d get sad or depressed, my parents would often take me to Office Works to cheer me up.

 That I love nothing more then having a nap on a summers day, with the sun shining through the window onto me, and a fan creating a nice breeze. Bliss.


I actually enjoy flying. Though my longest plane journey has only been like 7 hours. (And that I got so excited taking the photo above because SNOW!!!)

I hardly ever drink. I may have like 4 alcoholic beverages a year. Though if you want to be technical, I do love a good lemon, lime & bitters & that does have a minute amount of alcohol.

That I’m an Auntie 7 times, and a great Aunt 3 times.

I’m super dooper clumsy!

Now, tell me something about yourself!

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