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Outfit – Recreating a My Little Pony Outfit

My Little Pony & Black Milk plus size outfit

One of the things I do like about moving is finding clothing you’ve forgotten about. I’m hoping now I have a better wardrobe I’ll be able to see all my clothing better and wear more of it. I’ve worn this outfit before HERE, but have styled it up differently this time.

My Little Pony & Black Milk plus size outfit

I now also have to find a new place to take outfit photos! My house is on a main road and I feel a little silly doing it out the front with cars driving by #shy. I don’t like the brick wall, but it will do for now. I’m also in need to a hair colour touch up. Another thing I didn’t realise was how much hair dye I have stocked up in reserve. If there is a zombie apocalypse I’d be set for at least a year!

My Little Pony & Black Milk plus size outfit

Top – ASOS || Leggings – Black Milk || Shoes – Betts || Bangles – Lou & Chow
Sadly all from previous seasons.

My Little Pony & Black Milk plus size outfit

Did you watch My Little Pony growing up?

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Outfit of the garage sale x2


A couple of weekends ago, before I moved, I held a garage sale to try and get rid of some of my excess stuff. I met some amazing ladies and had a great time talking to people. I have to say, Melbourne certainly has some stylish ladies. I still have some of the above pieces that I will put online, but I also donated 4 large boxes to Diabetes Victoria.


This was Sundays outfit, I just wanted something warm and comfortable. I was sore and tired and the weather was windy. The previous day I had had everything set up outside, but I had to move undercover of the garage on Sunday. I was scared the wind would blow over the racks that were barely standing up as it was.

Top – City Chic || Pants – Kmart || Shoes – ASOS || Brooch – Baccurelli


Below is the only photo I have of Saturdays outfit. Sadly, that was the day my phone decided to die (yes, both my laptop and phone died in the same week). Im posing with just a fraction of the collectables I was trying to sell. Mostly Lord of the Rings things.


Top – ASOS || Skirt – ASOS || Tights – Sonsee || Boots – Payless

When was the last time you went to a garage sale?

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My top 5 Mothers Day gift picks from Yellow Octopus!

This post was brought to you by Yellow Octopus & Shopping Links.

It’s approaching that time of year again when a lot of people have to put their thinking cap on and figure out what to get their Mum for Mothers Day. It’s so hard to buy for my Mum as she already has many things and is trying to downsize, so this list is more based on my loves, if I was a Mum to something other than a cat!

The items I chose all come from Yellow Octopus, who have a HUUUUGE range of gifts. Plus is you live in Melbourne, you can get it delivered same day*). Delivery within Australia is pretty great at a flat rate of $7.99 or free if you spend over $100 (which would be easy to do).yellowoctopus

Cat Scarf – $34.99 || I don’t believe in getting house work related gifts for mothers day (unless it is specifically asked for), even if it is super cute. Wearable things however often are a go to for me. This scarf is adorable, practical and purrrrfect for anyone who love cats.

Unicorn Slippers – $36.99 || Do I even have to explain these?

Karlsson Clock – $104.99 || Copper is in at the moment and this clock would add some pizzazz to any house!

Dachshund Book Ends (In black or white) – $39.99 || I have a lot of books, boks are awesome, and as I’ve just moved into my new place and am trying to style up my bookshelves, I’ve come to realise how good book ends can look. Plus they’re practical. I was going to add THESE ONES to the list, because who doesn’t want magical unicorn book ends, but they’re out of stock.

Pop Vinyl Figurines – $$ Varies || A gift that is affordable and can be tailored to suit your Mums fave TV show, Movie, comic, etc. My picks are Loki, Dancing baby Groot, Olaf, The Tenth Doctor

What would you choose for your Mum?

*Melbourne same day delivery is at an added cost & only if you order before 2pm on a business day)