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Sugers Confident You – Week One

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Sugers Confident You Challenge

The oh so wonderful Suger recently released her “Confident you body confidence photo challenge“. Phew, that’s a bit of a mouth full. She asked me to share my thoughts on body confidence and I jumped at the chance. I also decided to try and give the challenge a go. I usually suck at keeping up with them, but with this being 14 days instead of a whole month, I decided to give the whole thing a go. I’ve been sharing it on my instagram, but decided that I would compile them all into weekly round up posts.

1. What body confidence means to you.

2. You / Selfie.

(picture in header) I took this picture this morning whilst getting ready. A bit of a prequel pic to my previous outfit pic. This is me. Chubby belly, stretch marks, thick thighs. But still super cute!

3. Grateful.

I am grateful for my friends, family & most of all, my kitty cats. I know I talk about wanting a dog so much, but I am thankful that at least I have these dudes keeping me company. Tonka is my baby who is always beside me (or honestly laying ON me). Louis is my little spud who never fails to make my laugh.

4. Share the love.

I want to give a shout out to the amazing Meli of @baccurelli. This is one lady who inspires me so much. She’s a beautiful loving soul, a fierce Mother and so so talented. Her and her husband do so much work for their brand and it shows. Their designs are amazing and I’ve loved slowly learning more about her, her life and her business. She isnt a girlboss, she’s a ladyboss. (Visit their store HERE)

5. I have embraced.

I guess that is my body. I still have little hang ups (my arms) and days where I can’t find anything to wear, but most of the time I rock my body! I show off my vbo, I #rockthecrop and wear what I want. I don’t let my fat stop me from experimenting with fashion.

6. Share your Why.

Why? Because I had to be. I’ve been fat from a young age, I was sick & ended up on steroids. This means I spent most of my youth being teased. Kids can be meanest of all. High school wasn’t much better, but it was more behind your back than face on. I learnt to be #bodypositive because I figured I deserved to be treated like everyone else, and most of them loved themselves, why could I? I learnt to love myself because I was already suicidal & if I didn’t learn to appreciate my body for what it did, then why should I bother? And i’m glad I did, I’m glad I learnt and that hopefully that has helped others.

7. Love your flaws/ Body Shaming.

This picture is for ANYONE that body shames. Don’t do it. Ive been pretty lucky with sharing so much of my life on the internet that I haven’t been shamed too much. I’m also lucky that years of being teased gave me thick skin and therapy gave me coping mechanisms. I’ve been shamed for my weight, my belly, my arms, my triple chin, my hair, my piercings and more. But I’m not ashamed. I have flaws, some that yeah, I’d change if I could (my teeth) but all in all those flaws make me. And I’m okay with that.

Are you playing along with the challenge?

Outfit – Star Wars and Lace!

Fashion Outfits

So, I’m doing something a little crazy in the blogging world. I’m wearing the same skirt two outfit posts in a row! The truth is, wearing the same item a few days in a row isn’t a bad thing. Being an outfit repeater is totally normal. When you love something, wear it!

Plus Size Star Wars crop top - XLasLife

Big W has been a big problem lately, taking my money! They keep releasing these amazing crop tops and I just can’t seem to resist them. I have a Barbie one, a Ghostbusters one, and now this Star Wars one. I’m also eyeing a Peter Pan one they have.

Plus Size Star Wars crop top - XLasLife

Honestly, Peter Pan means SO much more to me than Star Wars, I adore Star Wars, but Peter Pan holds a lot of meaning. Thing is, this top was just too beautiful to resist. I’m LOVING grey at the moment, and then with the floral print, isn’t it perfect!? I was considering pairing this outfit with my Irregular Choice Star Wars shoes, but I love them so much I’m too scared to wear them.

Plus Size Star Wars crop top - XLasLife

I tried one last time to get my hair silver/grey and now I am officially giving up. This is as grey as it got and it’s more purple. Purple enough it blends well enough with my extensions. I’m considering going red next, it’s been around 7 years since I’ve had red hair. What do you think?

Plus Size Star Wars crop top - XLasLife

Let’s talk about this long cardigan, I get so many vibes from it. Its a bit Vintage, a bit Hippy, a bit 90s, but SO very comfortable. In fact, this is one of the most comfortable outfits I’ve worn in ages, which is kind of surprising considering it’s a crop top and body con skirt!

Plus Size Star Wars crop top - XLasLife

Long Cardigan – BeMe (S/M) || Crop Top – Big W (2xl) || Skirt – BeMe (20) || Shoes – Kmart

Plus Size Star Wars crop top - XLasLife

What do you feel most comfortable in?

Outfit – Double Lace ft Boohoo & BeMe

Fashion Outfits

Hi! My name is Natalie, sometimes I take my outfit pictures when I am bloated from my periods and forget to tuck my shirt in properly. Basically, I am human and quite un-perfect. Just trying to be real here! Some blogs are so picture perfect it looks like the images are straight from a magazine. Don’t get me wrong, I love that, but that won’t ever be me.

Outfit - Double Lace -

While I am being honest, I don’t really like the whole “choker attached to outfit” trend that is going on atm. This was a spur of the second impulse buy because I do love the look of it. A day or two after I bought this they released a very similar top without the choker and I just sighed. I do adore this top though, and I think the fact it looks more like a harness is what made me buy it. I think in my head I could justify it as not being a choker.

Outfit - Double Lace -

How gorgeous is this skirt? When I was in Sydney recently I ducked into the BeMe store and picked up a few things. I wasn’t originally going to get this skirt (I had a crochet cardigan and a kaftan/cover up) but they had a deal where if you spent a certain amount you got money off, and well, that money off went to buying this skirt! The skirt looks even better when your top is tucked in correctly and not making it bunch up.

Outfit - Double Lace -

I always forget to show my handbag in my outfit pictures, I need to put a sticky note on my camera to remind me. My current handbag I’m using 90% off the time is this Laura Jones bag from Strandbags, my parents bought it for me while we were on holidays. I just love the print (can you tell I’m loving florals?) and the mix of grey and pinks just make my soul happy.

Outfit - Double Lace -

Top – Boohoo (size 22) & similar w/o choker || Skirt – BeMe (size 20) || Shoes – ASOS (size 8)
Bandeau (worn underneath top) – Black Milk (size L) || Bag – Strandbags

Outfit - Double Lace -

The sleeves on the top are amazing! I just want all the flouncy and bell sleeves I can buy. Finding something for under this top was slightly challenging and I’m glad I remembered I had this bandeau. Nope, I’m not wearing a bra either. I think you could totally rock this with a strapless bra, I only have a nude and think that would have looked a bit strange. I also didn’t want to ruin the OTS look with bra straps.

Outfit - Double Lace -

Any tips on how you would style this top?