Outfit – Ghostbusters Plus Size ‘Stay Puft’ Crop!

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Outfit - Ghostbusters Plus Size 'Stay Puft' Crop!

Outfit - Ghostbusters Plus Size 'Stay Puft' Crop!

Big W have been KILLING IT with their tee range lately, in fact, this is the fourth one i’ve bought in the past few months. You can see the other 3 I picked up here, here and also here. They are super soft and comfy and resonably priced at $15. They go up to a size 3x (which I am wearing here) and different designs seem to come in different lengths. Normal or crop.

Outfit - Ghostbusters Plus Size 'Stay Puft' Crop!

This Ghostbusters tee is a crop, and for the photos I have it tied up at the back and tucked up. I have included a picture of what it looks like loose, as you can see it has a nice oversized fit on me. It’s a little misshapen from the way I had had it styled.

Outfit - Ghostbusters Plus Size 'Stay Puft' Crop!

I am just loving that the weather is starting to warm up, I’ll probably regret saying that in a couple of months, but it so nice to see the sun and feel it’s warmth. I’m looking forward to all the dresses and skirts I can wear again! That is one thing I miss about living in Sydney, that even in winter it was still a bit warmer and you could get away with dresses and skirt all year round.

Outfit - Ghostbusters Plus Size 'Stay Puft' Crop! Outfit - Ghostbusters Plus Size 'Stay Puft' Crop!

Crop Top – Big W (3x) || Skirt – ModCloth (2x) || Shoes – ASOS || Necklace – I forget, sorry!

Outfit - Ghostbusters Plus Size 'Stay Puft' Crop!

What is your favourite 80’s movie?

Mine’s Labyrinth.

Sunday Melbourne Fashion Week Plus OOTD!

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Melbourne Fashion Week Plus Outfit - F*ck Flattering

Finally sharing my last outfit from Melbourne Fashion Week Plus! I know, it’s been a while, but I wanted to showcase everything I wore. I really love having an excuse to dress up and go out, as I live a pretty boring life generally (if you hadn’t noticed). While I do enjoy fashion and wearing fun clothes, these events I love just pushing my comfort zone and wearing things I might not wear to do the grocery shopping.

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus Outfit - F*ck Flattering

This was probably the outfit I felt least confident in, don’t get me wrong, I love it, it was comfortable and I got compliments on it, but I think by Sunday I was tired and would have much preferred to wear pyjamas! I am glad I got to rock my ‘F*ck Flattering’ top though.

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus Outfit - F*ck Flattering

I tried something a little different with my make up and went for a yellow/green eyeliner. Once I got into the show, I realised that both my eyeliner and earrings glowed under the lighting! You can kind of see that HERE.

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus Outfit - F*ck Flattering

Crop Top – Gisela Ramirez || Skirt – Piper Woman || Boots – Payless Shoes
Bag – Queen Victoria Markets || Earrings – Capn Mueller

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus Outfit - F*ck Flattering - BloggersJess, Liv, Kobi, Myself and Rachel.

After the show was the after party, I wasn’t planning on going, but ended up going and I’m glad I did. I had a lot of fun, but I got a tad bit drunk! I don’t usually drink much, I may have like one glass of alcohol every 2-3 months, well, this weekend I drank more than I do in a year! The jugs at The Highlander Bar were so delicious! I think the Violet Smash was my fave.

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus Outfit - F*ck Flattering - BloggersAmy, Meagan and I

I really loved MFW+, I learned of some amazing new designers and caught up with old favourites. I got to hang out with my favourite Queensland ladies and met so many wonderful people I’ve known and admired online.

What is your favourite alcoholic beverage?

Lustlist time!!


It’s lustlist time again! I seem to be sharing these monthly, so I think I’ll stick to that. I was trying to narrow it down to my most wanted items, I have over 300 items on my Pinterest wishlist, which is pretty crazy, I know. I keep surprising myself with how drawn I’ve been to white, so not me, but I’ve had a few white things pop into my wardrobe lately. The only this is, I suck at keeping white white.

Extra Large as Life September Lustlist!

  1. Vixen by Micheline Pitt – Vixen Makeup and Hair Print Full Skirt – $128.87au
  2. Joolz Fashion – Chubster unicorn skater dress – $129
  3. Em and Sprout – Ghost Cat Enamel Pin – AU$10.97
  4. The Story Book Rabbit – Dress Up Little Vampire Bunny Buddy Brooch -$42
  5. Boohoo – Kady Embroidered Shirt – $44.00
  6. Boohoo – Elenor Embroidered Maxi Dress – $70.00
  7. Eloquii – Cat Intarsia Sweater – $69.90
  8. Eloquii – Busy Bee Sweater – $69.90
  9. Haus of Dizzy – Stay Weird T-rex Earrings – $29
  10. New Look – Owl Print Shirt – £19.99
  11. ASOS Curve – Belted Jumpsuit with Kimono Sleeve in Floral Print – $108.00
  12. ASOS – Lovable Pointed Bow Ballet Flats – $54.00

What are you wanting to add most to your wardrobe right now?