Hair & Beauty

The brows have it!


I was born with mousy brown hair. Well, actually I was born with silver hair, that turned into mousy brown. All my hair is thin and fair. Something that has never really bothered me, except for my eyebrows. For the past few years I’ve been trying all different products to make my eyebrows stand out a little more.


Whilst I was blonde, it wasn’t too bad, but when I have the pink hair, I like my brows to be a little darker. Usually I use Maybelline brow drama, as well as Benefit’s Brows a Go Go. I’ve also taken care of my brows myself, I’ve only ever plucked them myself. In fact, in high school, I would pluck some of my friends eyebrows for them!


Whilst out with my friend Sarah on Tuesday, we stopped by The Beauty & Brow Parlour in Southland. She was getting her eyebrows threaded, and I decided to throw caution the to wind and get my brows threaded and tinted! I am SO happy I did! First up, threading hurt! It wasn’t a terrible pain, very similar to plucking, but if you were pulling a few hairs at once. The lady asked if I wanted them a tinted slightly darker, and I replied with “nope, I want them DARK!”, so we went with a dark brown tint.


It has been a little strange when I catch sight of my reflection, I think it will take some time getting used to, but I do love them! It will be nice to not feel like I need to ‘put on my eyebrows’ before I leave the house!

Have you ever had your eyebrows waxed/threaded &/or tinted before?




So, to be completely clear, i’m stealing this ‘outtakes’ idea from one of my fave bloggers Suger Coat It! Take a moment to head over to her site and check hers out, they are amazing!!


Mine are nowhere near as fun. I take 99.5% of my outfit photos myself, and tend to delete any half blinking photos straight away, but I went through some of my old files and thought I would show off a few that didn’t make the blog post.


Also, again, sorry about the lack of blog posts. My mental health has been well, pretty crap. I’m just trying to take everything a day at a time. That also means I’ve been spending most of my time in my pajamas on the couch binge watching Breaking Bad and Jane the Virgin.


The above picture just makes me think “pantalooooons”. What am I doing? Trying to curtsy?


Am I pointing to the rabbit, or am I rubbing very high nipples?

outtakes-005And of course, and Aussie photo bomb!

Hopefully I will get out of this depressive funk soon and get my mojo back & thanks for being so understanding!



Home again!

Just a quick update to say I’m back home in Melbourne again. After 3 weeks in Sydney, I am happy to have my own bed to sleep in again. Though I had forgotten just how cold it is in Melbourne! I guess it’s good practice for my week in Hobart next month, can’t wait to celebrate my birthday and explore a new part of Australia!

What are you currently excited about?