My ASOS sale picks!

Ahhh, end of financial year sales, you beauty!! ASOS currently have 1070 items on sale in Curve alone! Not to mention their straight & maternity range, or their bags, shoes & jewelry! So many things, so I decided I’d weed out the amazing pieces & share with you.







Plus size belts, wide fit shoes, bags & accessoriesasos-sale-acces

Well, there you have it! Just over 40 items from the sale!

Did you buy anything? If so let me know what you scored!!

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Outfit – Neverland

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I love Peter Pan. I went by the online alias of Natatree Darling for years, Darling, after the Darlings in Peter Pan. It’s a story that means a lot to me, so when Black Milk released some Peter Pan designs, I knew I needed to snap one up.


I decided to try the shooter dress, as it was a style I’d never tried before. I love it, though I do find it a bit hard to style. It’s not a style I would normally wear, but after some playing around, I came up with this outfit. It’s fun to try new styles now and then, things a bit out of your comfort zone.


It’s a bit too short for me to wear as a dress, so I paired it with a short pleather skirt. Also, it’s Melbourne, and cold, so layers help keep me warmer. Now I really need to add the Peter Pan leggings to my collection.


Of course, I wore my crocodile earrings! Tick tock!


Shooter – Black Milk (XL) | Top (underneath) – City Chic | Skirt – New Look | Stockings – Kmart
Shoes – Kmart | Earrings – ASOS


Who is your favourite character in Peter Pan?



Outfit- Wizz, Pop, Flash

I’ve been really slacking when it comes to getting dressed since I moved to Melbourne, even more so once the cold hit. It’s all about warmth and comfort. To be honest, while I’ve been warm and comfy, it didn’t feel like me. I missed wearing skirts! So the other day, I made a decision to take a little bit more time and to dress how I wanted to. Still warm and comfy, but put a bit more effort into it.


I had to go out to the shops today, I seriously have around 10 loads of washing to do & had ran out of detergant. Gosh, it was such a lovely day, and I took full advantage of it. Sure, it’s still winter, but it was 16c and the sun was shining. It was nice enough that I could wear a skirt (without stockings) and sandals!


Sure, for the walk to the bus stop (I don’t drive), I wore a cropped cardigan over the top, but I was warm, comfortable and felt like me again! I also don’t often wear my hair up if I’m leaving the house, I’ve never liked the way I’ve looked with my hair up, but it’s in need of a wash! Luckily I have an array of bows to help hide that!


Also, I should mention, that top is actually a bodycon dress! I love using it as a layering piece. That skirt is at least 6 years old now too! I just love it. Sorry about the garden, I loathe with a passion those strap leaves that fall from the palm. They shed in the hundreds!


Top (dress) – New Look | Skirt – Crossroads | Shoes – ASOS | Belt – Dorothy Perkins | Bow – Ruby Kawaii

What’s the oldest item you have in your closet?